ESTONIA: Tallinna Linnahall – Lost place graffiti

Here is an article for the streetart lovers, especially the fans of abandoned buildings and lost places. At the coast to the Eastern Sea between the Tallinna Sadam harbor and the Kultuurikatel, the culture center, there is the Linnahall located. It´s not really used anymore and this old Mayan pyramid like monument made of grey concrete just gives you some mysterious vibes. It could be as well kind of a medieval sea fortress to protect the coast with gunpowder cannons. But it´s not that old, it was just built in 1980 by the Estonian architects Raine Karp and Riina Altmäe.


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  1. Greets! I was checking out your website for the first time during lunch and wanted to drop a line that it was very cool. I have been there once at Linnahall, it´s an amazing place. Tallinn is awesome!

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