ARGENTINA: Photographer Analía Pertusi – Perts Jam – Streetart Map Buenos Aires & Chascomús

The photographer and streetart hunter ANALÍA PERTUSI aka PERTS JAM not only lives in the city of good air called Buenos Aires, but also photographs and documents this fantastic good air atmosphere in a very creative and loving way. A few years ago she started her Instagram channel under the pseudonym Perts Jam, where you can regularly receive interesting streetart and graffiti content from the Argentine capital and other places around the country. And Analía has a good eye for beauty, but at the same time she is a superb documenter and sees the overall picture of this kind of expression of the people in a city. But actually only “city” is the wrong word for Buenos Aires. This place is so big, it is more than a city, it’s a metropolis or Giga City.

There are for sure really many people, hard to say how many exactly, but in the whole Provincia Buenos Aires live at least 16,6 million inhabitants. That means of course there is just consequently a huge variety of all different kinds of artistic expressions. And that is just super fantastic und highly interesting! But if you want to look at this art area and if you want to see it and understand it, you have to look at it as a whole. Means not only to check the “nice” artworks. Everything is part of it and all of it is connected. From provoking vandalism to huge colorful and accepted masterpieces. Which is still a provokation and wants to give you impulses. And that is good. Doesn’t matter which style, it wakes you up, gives you ideas, makes you think out of the bubble, in which each of us is in. Analía is showing, presenting and describing the whole mix of exactly all of that.

Whether the huge beautiful mural in the center, the underground graffiti below a bridge or the small stencil at the house entrance, whether the incredibly realistic portrait drawn over weeks on a building wall or the quickly sprayed but true and thought-provoking message. Or just nonsense or fun writing or bombed graffiti. Everything is part of it. But if you want to document it correctly and meaningful, if you want to make it real and if you want to understand it and much more to present it in a way for others to understand it as well, then you have to include everything and show the connections. And if you want to archive, catalog and present all of this for others, that is definitely another mega huge area of ​​work. Sounds complicated at first, but when you start and work on it, the project and collected stuff just keeps on growing. Analía is working on this since quite a while very passionate, the database is really incredible. At the moment we are not only building up the Map for Buenos Aires, Analía contributes as well galleries and content from numerous other interesting places in Argentina. Furthermore we do not only have streetart photos, there is also a lot of architecture, history, city life or nature content to explore.

It is on one hand the photographing and the collecting of the images, but on the other hand strongly the part of research and storaging where Analía is simply a specialist. She has not only created an extensive archive in the form of photographs, she has also designed a kind of catalog system of its own. She has created extensive databases in Excel tables and documents, invested an enourmous amount of time in researching the artists and backgrounds and she has also designed her own maps. There is even the exact GPS data for each single photographed work of art. This woman is terrific! For the Vagabundler Project we combined our doings and the Buenos Aires Map was born.

On the map you will find the large murals and striking works of art as individual spots and markers, but as already described, Analía aka Perts Jam takes up the entire appearance of the streets and quarters. But it would certainly be too extensive to precisely localize each individual tag or sticker. For this purpose, we have created thematic galleries and collections that are constantly developing. For example, on tags, stencils, stickers or political slogans.

And at this point it should also be said that Analía brought an additional very positive energy to the group. She is warmly optimistic, patiently interested, and openly creative in her thinking. And her mission is to make urban art in Buenos Aires more visible and also to support the artists and makers behind it. And not just the big, well-known works, but also the little things and in the end the overall picture with everything that goes with it. Art ist not only the effect of the colour each of us can see while watching, there is always a message and a voice behind it. She fits the Vagabundler crew perfectly and we are very happy to have her creative mind on our team and on this collective worldwide adventure!

Besides the great photo archive for the Buenos Aires Map and the interesting reports to several locations in Argentina, Analía developed as well a second new map for the town of Chascomús.


Chascomús – Map
MarDeCobo – Architec
MarDeCobo Streetart
MarDelPlata Architec
MarDelPlata Streetart
Paseo Festival
Pintura Gourmet
Puerto Madryn
Rocca Roll
San Bernardo del Tuyú
San Nicolás Arroyos
San Vincente
Victoria – Architec
Victoria – Streetart








Streetart Map Buenos Aires:

Streetart Map Chascomús:


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