POLAND: Photographer Agnieszka Pisarska – Piece of Streetart

Photographer and passionate streetart hunter AGNIESZKA PISARSKA continuously delivers fantastic works of urban art on her Instagram channel Piece of Streetart, not only from her hometown of Wrocław, but from all over Poland. There are now more than 2900 photos in her archive, it’s worth taking a look!

The eager art lover is constantly on the move and, according to her own words, does “always many things at once”. And when a lot is done, a lot of interesting things are created. Here on the Vagabundler platform, Angnieszka not only works on the Streetart Map Wrocław, but also contributed countless photos for the maps of Gdańsk, Łódź and Warsaw. And not only that, she basically discovers the whole country and is always on the lookout for beautiful paintings, whether in large metropolises or in small communities. If you keep your eyes open, you can find something interesting everywhere.

On her channel, Agnieszka regularly adds extensive details and info texts to her postings about the background of the artworks and the creators, in order to inform and convey local art. Besides taking pictures, she also gives German language lessons and thus contributes additionally to intercultural understanding.

Agnieszka has a few other fantastic accounts and the creative murals catcher, dwarf hunter and architecture lover offers fabulous content and homemade artworks there. On her channel Pisara2 she shows great photos from the field of beautiful nature, historical monuments and imposing buildings.

On the account Cut from Paintings she presentes interesting collages with cut out people from famous paintings and gives them a new reality in new situations by putting them into another scenery. Very interesting and you should check it out!

The self-made art mentioned is about cute dolls, the so-called Zwierzaki Kukiełaki, which means Puppet Animals. These figures, made with love for detail, are a mixture of animals and characters, whether the Performancer crocodile, the mouse Pan Stopa (Mr. Foot), the traveling nuns Siostry Prezentki (Presentation Sisters) or Popey the Sailor Man. Agnieszka does everything by herself, invents the design, sews everything with her own hands, makes all the gadgets and then takes photo shootings with these nice little heroes at different places.

On the Instagram channel Zwierzaki Kukiełaki, she presents the stories and experiences of these interesting dolls, including pictures by photographer Aleksandra Chajkowska. There is as well a website and a Facebook page for these creations.

Here on the Vagabundler website, in addition to the streetart maps, there are also many individual galleries and articles of bigger and smaller towns in Poland, especially the large-scale murals are her favorites, but also creative graffiti writing, colorful characters or small hidden tidbits. And there is still a lot to discover. We are very happy to have Angnieszka in our team!



Streetart & Graffiti:  https://www.instagram.com/piece_of_streetart

  Country Page Poland:  https://vagabundler.com/poland

Puppet Animals – Zwierzaki Kukiełaki

Website:  https://prosiakus.blogspot.com

  Facebook:  https://web.facebook.com/kukielaki

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zwierzaki_kukielaki

Collages – Cut from painting:  https://www.instagram.com/cut_from_paintings

  Architecture & Nature:  https://www.instagram.com/pisara2



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