GERMANY: Holger Peter – Streetart Photographer, Art Enthusiast and Food Creative

Murals and characters are the special preferences of photographer Holger Peter, who is currently building the Streetart Map Berlin on the Vagabundler website. The passionate graffiti and streetart hunter is constantly on the lookout for new works of art in the German capital and also regularly provides information on his new discoveries. You will get interesting info about art and culture on his Instagram channel PeterEatAndArt. It’s worth looking in!

Holger researches extensively and also puts the makers and artists in the foreground. Without them all the great artworks would not even exist and the creators definitely deserve  appropriate support! Artists should receive much more support anyway and in general!

In his selection of photos, Holger has a special preference for the characters and figures in the works, while also paying attention to a degree of quality and creativity. However, hidden faces under a bridge or small stencils at the subway may also be involved if they are interesting. Holger‘s taste is definitely recommended!

Another focus of the photographs is certainly the giant murals. The large-scale works on a complete huge housewall or even a whole skyscraper. The bigger, the better, but it also has to be well done. Berlin is full of it and some very great collectives and groups make the facades of the city continuously more colorful, diverse and interesting. Urban Nation is definitely worth mentioning here, the Berlin Mural Fest series of the same and also locations like the much-frequented Mauerpark, the Fabrik23, the Haus Schwarzenberg or the magical Teufelsberg. Holger documents regularly and keeps you up to date.

From time to time Holger gives also some posts to exhibitions. Art is wide-ranging and can also be cool and interesting inside a building in an official setting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or illegal, that’s another question, but Holger’s approach is about the art itself and whether it’s aesthetically beautiful. It is then also unimportant whether it is legal or illegal, and that is the beauty of it. Because it’s about the focus on the art aspect.

What definitely needs to be mentioned is Holger’s fable for the creative decoration of his meals. That explains the name “PeterEatAndArt”. The small plate foodstylings are not only really own artworks for themselves, they also make you hungry! He takes always some delicious yogurts, fruit pieces and spreads to create a graphic construct. As in the small, so in the big. With Holger there is creativity and art already for breakfast promised! Check out as well the Foodstyling Gallery on the website.

Here is the Berlin Map, have fun and explore for yourself!

It started with the Berlin Map, but Holger visited a lot of other different places in Germany and of course he took photographs. Some more maps got created with detailed information to the locations and to most of the artists. After Berlin another map got started about the city of Rheine and a next one followed about the Island Poel.

Rheine  –  Urban Art Map

Island Poel  –  Urban Art Map  –  North Sea

Photographer: HOLGER PETER

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