INTRODUCTION: What or who is “Vagabundler” ?

Hello Visitors! I want to introduce my Vagabundler Project, my writing and myself to you. My name is Gunther Michels, I am a journalist and live in Frankfurt, Germany. I love to travel and to produce documentations about it, as well I have a special fable for streetart and graffiti. Actually it all started with a journey to Australia after school. Once I got in touch with exploring the world some strange and strong curiosity took over and since then I keep on travelling and backpacking as often as possible. My masterplan is to see every country in the world. Next step would be to see every state in the world and maybe every city…. I don´t know, I think the plan isn´t really made for reaching an end. It´s just my passion.

[ Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine (伏見稲荷大社) – Kyōto – JAPAN ]

During my travels with usually longer distance routes inside the environment I am not enjoying the culture and nature only for myself, I developed beeing a journalist and I want to circulate the information. So I take fotos, make movies and record interviews with the people I meet (mostly by accident) and about the situations I sense in my perception juicy. I want to inform my friends and the ones who are interested about other cultures and motivate them to travel more by themselves. If more people would travel more – and not only the two-week-all-inclusive-style – everybody would have less problems understanding each other and the differences between us.

[ Two guys playing some Asian checkers with crown caps – Luang Prabang – LAOS ]

For writing about and presenting my travel experiences I started using  several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Every platform has something nice, interesting and special in usage. At some you can show your fotos, others are better for interaction with other members. Still there was something missing in the way I wanted to introduce my content and reportages. I started writing for the German online magazine Feinripp, there I could combine text, photographs, movies and as well audio interviews in podcasts. Fantastic and a good combination. I was still not happy about it and since there are some new and easy apps for Google Maps in website building I started my own homepage in October 2017 in English: www.vagabundler.com. I am open for your feedback and I would appreciate your opinion about the page very much. Write me Emails to: info@vagabundler.com.

[ Strolling monk with umbrella – Vientiane – LAOS ]

One big advantage I have now is that I am able to put in trackers on the map myself. Here is an example for Ghana.

And another one for Japan:

On Google Maps you can search for doctors, for restaurants and mechanics. But there are not really maps for streetart and graffiti. On my trips I asked the locals and tried to find the nice spots by searching, but often I didn´t discover the hidden ones. I would have been happy a lot of times for some kind of map or something on my smartphone with the locations of this places. With this kind of streetart map somebody could even make his own walking route through an area. My idea of a streetart tracker map was born and I added this to the website as a last level in some cities where I have enough footage. Here is an example of the meanwhile uploaded content for the Streetart Tracker and City Map of Frankfurt where I live. I have so many many many more pictures to upload and it´s still a lot of work to do.

I am continously working on the uploads and the page. Now I can really combine all the different media instruments. I can put in the articles, the photographs, the writing, embed audios and movies, and I can even add the special maps with routes and trackers. It´s awesome for presenting and giving access locations and backround storys to interested travellers and streetart lovers.

[ Father and daughter passing the streetart murals on Cerro Polanco – Valparaiso – CHILE ]

Sometimes there are single photos with no big text, sometimes there are heaps of pics with a lot of talking about it and in other articles you can find big reportages with audiointerviews and movies. I travel constantly and I am just obsessed with streetart and graffiti. I love to search for it and to take photos of it. Half of my friends are working in the graphic design sector, are sprayers themselves or do art. I am the journalist and photographer who is presenting their doings. And I present as well a lot of doings of people I don´t know. Therefore feel free any time to comment on my posting names of artists, links to websites or as well photos of the same object you did yourself.

[ Arabic Streetart – Wadi Shab – OMAN ]

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2020: A lot changed meanwhile and this Vagabundler Project became a networking colaborative creation where people from all around the world started taking part. And it is still growing. Wonderful! Frank Hofmann is building up the Hamburg Map with more than 850 spots an and 3500 photos, Salvador Seda from Chile is doing an historical documentation about the graffiti world in Angol via the Angol Map, Holger Peter from Berlin contributes fabulous character artworks for the Berlin Map with excellent recherche and there are some more. You can check the city maps here, some of the contributors have already own profiles in the Culturists section.

[ Fox & Raven Graffiti House by 140ideas – Sofia – BULGARIA ]

If anybody still wants to know how I look like, here you go:

Okay…. 😅 … as well without camera…