CULTURIST: Salvador J. Seda – Historian Streetart Hunter and GraffitiPreBicentenario

When you look on the photographs and the way how Salvador Seda (Instagram: @salvadorjseda) presents and documents his fantastic findings you probably will get quite often the word historian in mind. He definitely is an ambitious street art hunter but he is as well a wonderful history lover with an excited focus and patient eye for the little details. Salvador is a searcher for the specialties what urban life can offer, and mostly you just have to look closer and notice your surrounding a bit more than your Smartphone while you are walking through the city. Therefore Salvador gives impulses and tries as well to teach a little bit about the background of wall paintings in the city.

On his Instagram account GraffitiPreBicentenario he started a documentation of the streetart and graffiti artworks in the streets of Santiago before the bicentennial. Salvador collected definitely a lot, many fabulous pieces are already online and a lot are still to come. In the end graffiti and streetart can have many positive effects while percepting it. And even if just for the fact that it is a piece of art, an urban creation. And after some time there is mostly some renovation on the house, construction on the wall, the building is completely gone or just simply somebody else painted over.

So in the end, the remains and memories are just saved in the photos of those great artworks. That’s why it is important to have some passionate people who are photographing and ambitiously saving the visually images, so later on other interested people can enjoy exploring, watching and getting a little glimpse of how it must have looked like once.

Salvador is part of the Vagabundler team to save and store the awesome graffiti footage on this world. He is building up the Streetart Map of Angol at the moment and he fills up the archive with brilliant artworks from graffiti pieces to adventurous urbex photo shootings.

Salvador does not only contribute photos, mostly he also writes a little story about the artworks and the place with historical background, and as well he tries to mention the involved artists.

On the Angol map you can find magnificent photographs of graffiti which stays for ages. In smaller cities there is not that much competition between writers, so the crossing doesn´t even really happen and artworks stay for decades. Very nice, interesting and good for documenting urban art existence in long term development.


Photographer: Salvador J. Seda

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