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According to archaeological investigations, it is believed that the first human groups established in what is now Santiago, was around the 10th century BC. These groups were mainly nomadic hunter/gatherers. Already around the year 800 of our era the first inhabitants began to settle for the formation of agricultural communities next to the Mapocho river. Later the Inca Empire, whose capital Machu Picchu is 2.250 km north from Santiago, had already established fortresses and sanctuaries before the arrival of the Spanish Empire, with Pedro de Valdivia being the founder of Santiago on February 12th in 1541. Today Santiago is a metropolis of more than 6,500,000 inhabitants. Santiago has an important pioneer history of graffiti in Latin America. In the 1960’s the BRP was disseminating political ideas on the graffiti. Art and architecture also impregnated the images that emanated from graffiti in Santiago. The allegory of the Mapuche people is always expresses in murals too.  –  GraffitiPreBicentenario  –  Santiago  –  September 2023

How does the map work? All the buttons on the map are links to a photo gallery of the spot, sometimes with only one photo, sometimes with heaps of photos or even a full article. The different symbols explain various categories of the streetart and graffiti artworks. In the navigation of the map on the left you can find the several markers sorted by the categories and it´s possible to hide or fade these layers.

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