IRELAND: Streetart Map Dublin – Urban Art Archive and Graffiti Tracker

The cute architecture and loving design of the countless great pubs, the cozy restaurants and creative shops is a kind of urban street art in itself. The city is also peppered with incredibly good works of art, huge murals and hidden spray areas full of jewelry. Individual spots corresponding to different categories are shown on the map. Very recommendable is the local artist platform Dublin Walls. They created a wonderful archive with graffiti and streetart content from their city, you get a lot of interesting information about events and artist, as well they provide a great “Ever-Evolving-Streetart-Map of Dublin” with heaps of spots and four nicely shown walking routes through Dublin while catching most of the best ones in that area. Lot´s of them you wouldn´t find, if you don´t know. Sometimes it´s just walking around the building. Thanks a lot to Lumarin for creating this wonderful library! Definitly worth a look, it´s continously changing, gets frequently updated and it helped us a lot finding some of the great pieces! And now here are the artworks we collected.

How does the map work? All the buttons on the map are links to a photo gallery of the spot, sometimes with only one photo, sometimes with heaps of photos or even a full article. The different symbols explain various categories of the streetart and graffiti artworks. In the navigation of the map on the left you can find the several markers sorted by the categories and it´s possible to hide or fade these layers.

Mighty Murals
Adventurous Art, Boats, Roofs
Halls of Fame
Complex Crafts
Trains & Tracks
Bridges & Highway
Contract Work


>>> Richmond Spray Space <<<

>>> Liberty Graffiti Lane <<<

>>> Bedford Lane – Icon Factory Murals <<<

>>> Crown 14 <<<

>>> Haymarket 7 <<<

>>> City Quay 60 <<<


>>> Category: Mighty Murals <<<

>>> Category: Graphics Art <<<

>>> Category: Adventurous Art <<<

>>> Category: Halls of Fame <<<

>>> Category: Complex Crafts <<<

>>> Category: Train Stations <<<

>>> Category: Highway & Bridges <<<

>>> Category: Bombing Areas <<<

>>> Category: Artists & Makings <<<

>>> Category: Contract Work <<<


>>> Streetart Map Dublin <<<

>>> Icon Factory & Icon Walk <<<

>>> Muralist Kevin Bohan <<<

>>> Designer Ashley Byrne <<<

>>> Visual Artist Aga Szot <<<

>> Streetart Map Galway <<<

>>> Dublin´s Fabulous Pubs <<<

>>> Electro Boxes – Galway <<<

>>> Electro Boxes – Dublin <<<

>>> Dublin´s Finest <<<

>>> Architecture Dublin <<<

>>> Architecture Galway <<<