IRELAND: Streetart Dublin – Bedford Lane 10 – ICON FACTORY MURAL PROJECT


The artist collective around the Icon Factory has transformed the alleys and streets in the Tempel Bar district into attractive art venues with color and creativity. The Icon Walk leads through the district with innovative and interesting works and in Bedford Lane, just around the corner from the Icon Factory, there is a special project wall on which the artist and project member Kevin Bohan creates grandiose murals at regular intervals with changing artists. Here is a history of the fabulous works of art and creators involved over the past few years.

UPDATE: 31st March 2021

Artist:   Kevin Bohan

UPDATE: 22nd December 2020

Artists:   Kevin Bohan  &  KOCE

UPDATE: 15th August 2020

Space Adventures this time with the very talented artist and mural painter Shane Sutton. Kevin and Shane incorporated their love of all things space, old Space Invader arcade games and the irreverent cartoon characters Rick & Morty. Dedicated to LOYDSER (Class of 89).  –  Kevin Bohan

Artists:   Kevin Bohan  &  Shane Sutton

UPDATE: 9th June 2020

“My reclining lady was inspired by Robert Crumbs long limbed and small headed ladies. KENS and myself would like to dedicate this mural to all the artists, graffiti writers, poets, playwrights, actors and actresses, film-makers, photographers, creatives and anyone who used the lockdown to start that long-gestating plan to draw or paint, or photograph, or landscape their garden or whatever way they wanted to start exploring their creative side.”  –  Kevin Bohan

Artists:   Kevin Bohan  &  KENS

UPDATE:  14th March 2020

Artists:   Kevin Bohan  &  PENS

Making Of:

UPDATE:  9th February 2020

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  BRUTTO

UPDATE:  1st January 2020

Artists:  Kevin BohanSHUK

UPDATE:  16th June 2019

Artist: Kevin Bohan

UPDATE:  22nd September 2017  –  Culture Night

Artists: Kevin Bohan  &  EL VIZ

UPDATE:  21st June 2017

Artist:  Kevin Bohan

UPDATE:  22nd Dezember 2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  NOVICE  &  ALL OUT DESIGN  

UPDATE:  31st October 2016

Artist:  Kevin Bohan

UPDATE:  8th October 2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  KURTZ AMOR

UPDATE:  28th  September 2016

Artist: Kevin Bohan

UPDATE:  29th  August 2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  Marianne O’Dwyer  &  Warren Alan Faye  &  Phil Atkinson  &  Tarsila Krüse  &  Thiago Ritual

UPDATE:  15th  July  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan   &   Ione Domínguez Luis   &   Diego Cayuelas.

 UPDATE:  17th  June  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  Artur Oner

UPDATE:  1st  June  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  DEEFREE

UPDATE:  24th  April  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  Emily Nayhree Dawson  &  CSM

UPDATE:  8th  March  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  EL VIZ

UPDATE:  28th  January  2016

Artists:  Kevin Bohan   &   IDEAL

UPDATE:  6th  April  2015

Artists:  Kevin Bohan  &  KURTZ AMOR

UPDATE:  10th  March  2015

Artist: Kevin Bohan

UPDATE:  30th September 2014

Artist: Kevin Bohan


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