FRANCE: Reporter and Réalisateur DELUTU aka MILAU K. LUTUMBA

Milau Lutumba aka Delutu is a passionate reporter, photographer and réalisateur from Paris, the wonderful capital of France. On his Instagram channel he provides nearly daily new super amazing artworks, mostly from his city, but also from other exciting places in France. As well he runs an interesting Facebook account and a recommendable Youtube channel with heaps of interviews and reportages. This guy is excitingly busy and provides really good stuff! Definitely worth to look at! Here on the Vagabundler website Milau is building up the Streetart Map of Paris with wonderful creations from the city of the Eiffel Tower on the river Seine.

On the Instagram of Milau you can find just the photo material, because the platform is for photos, but Milau does a lot of extensive research and provides heaps of background information to the artists, events and locations. If you want to have more, check the small movies. You can find exquisite video material on Youtube. On Facebook there is a bit of both of it. So how you like it, for each one something.

In his videos the whole capacity of Milau’s investigative documentation takes place. The videos are super nice, close to the spot and deeply honest. He gets the artist at work and they tell him what’s going on in their heads. A mural is a mural, a graffiti piece a graffiti piece, everybody can get an own perception about it. But Milau presents in his reportages the view into the artist’s brains. He shows their stories, how they think and who they are.

Milau is not only providing high quality content around the streetart theme. It expands all over the culture, art and history area. Everything that’s interesting and juicy. So you can get fabulous music videos, in-depth interviews with actors or extensive insights into social projects. It is all about passion. About people who have passion and embrace it in a creative way. Milau helps to spread this information and impulses in a very own unique style. He is a reporter and journalist by heart and I am very glad to have him in our crew. Thanks Milau and “Jazz!” to you!

Milau: „I’m a reporter, director and producer. Behind the eye of my camera, I capture the news, excellence and marginality. Each of my works (documentary or reportage) is a result of different views on the subject to better inform you“.

In the following there are some videos and interviews from Milau and some photos. If you want to see more, check out his channels in the Infothek at the end and don’t miss the Streetart Map of Paris.


“Alberto Ruce is an Italian painter whose technique is quite special turned towards questioning our emotions” 

Film by Milau K. Lutumba


“Maurice Mbikayi is a Congolese visual artist who fights for the environment and the freedom of peoples. It is a favorite of my visit to the international fair of contemporary African arts in Paris AKAA-Fair”

Film by Milau K. Lutumba


“Young Peruvian painter excelling in the so-called Wild Style. He often draws letters using Rembrandt’s color plate and the play of light and shadow. Tage Halo also does Street Art and his works respond to the 3D dimension”

Film by Milau K. Lutumba


  Journalist:  MILAU  K. LUTUMBA – DELUTU




Streetart Map Paris: