CHILE: Streetart Map – Valparaíso

The whole city of Valparaíso is just one big Streetart Gallery. It´s a city of artists and creatives. On the map below you will find reportages about interesting people and events, as well podcasts and videos. The graffiti areas are sorted by Cerros, which the city on the coast consists of. Cerro means hill. After the article you will find as well links to the other area pages.

This is how a city should look like! The people who are living there just took action in a very creative and emotional way. Actually long time ago, that´s how the city started, and it keeps on living that way. They made their homes nice, their surroundings adorable and put color on everywhere and everything.

Check out as well the articles and galleries about the different hills. There are hundreds of photos on this website about the Cerros. I took what I saw, but it was just a short view, and maybe a few days later something else is painted over those artworks. You just have to go there by yourself. This city is a place I cannot only recommend to visit, I would like to live there. And of course this magnetic behavior invites a lot of other artist people who prefer this kind of living, who like to paint and rechange. Valparaíso is a special place.

It´s something you just can fully understand when you really walk down the streets of this city. When you watch everything visually, when you think directly immediately about the things you can see. There is everything a city can offer. Buildings, walls, streets, houses. But with graffiti, streetart and paintings  everywhere. Here you realize that you are so used to the mainstream visuals you get and which are considered as normal or average. This city is just different and unique! The habitants started painting everything and it has a quite positive backward impact. The whole city is colored, all the houses and the yards, the streets and just everything. The souls are painted. This was the picture I had. And I saw how grey it is in some other cities elsewhere.

Everywhere you look, you see colors, you see pictures, you see ideas and you get inspired. You just cannot hold it and you start imagine ideas by yourself. It´s wonderful. There is some energy about this place. You get improving ideas about architecture. You think about making your home your home, make your surrounding your home at it´s best. I have been in this city several times, the people are just aweseome and special.

This is not a seperated artist state and they are not going to make a revolution or changing the system. But a lot of similar thinking people gathered at Valparaíso to live there together, some kind of the Chile San Francisco without trams but with a lot of graffiti. It´s an evidential example that it works. Depends on what you want to get to work. I mean a good balance in life, positive heartfull energy from everywhere around and a familiar community who is deeply helping each other. Of course you cannot change a city just by painting everything. But if everybody does? And that´s how it actually happened. They did it by themselves. They choosed together to change the way how a surrounding has to look like. And this is an awesome ideal example.

The city was built on a coastal bay but also on and on the countless surrounding small to large hills, altogether 42. Those are the Cerros, it means hll. And the buildings and houses on those hills but as well throughout the city are nearly completely covered with paint and awesome artworks. It´s a city-streetart-gallery. One of its own.

Check out the several articles and galleries about the different Cerros by clicking on the links or the photo. The Cerros and Streetart areas are as well marked on the Map at the beginning of the article.


Streetart – Cerro Alegre

Streetart – Cerro Artilleria

Streetart – Cerro Bellavista

Streetart – Cerro Carcel

Streetart – Cerro Concepción

Streetart – Cerro Cordillera

Streetart – Cerro Delicias

Streetart – Cerro Mariposa

Streetart – Cerro Molino

Streetart – Cerro Polanco

Streetart – Cerro Toro

Streetart – Playa Ancha


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