CHILE: Where is Wally? – City Tours Santiago – Interview with Lizett Gutierres

Maybe you know the series. Where is Wally? It was or still is an animated series about a strange odd guy with some glasses, a bobble cap and a red-white-striped t-shirt. This guy is always somewhere hidden in the series and you have to find him. And then you have to find out other stuff together with him. It´s exactly this little gag what the guys from “Tours 4 Tips” from Santiago de Chile used for their own undertaking.

We have been in South America in spring and these guides really impressed us. At the moment they only provide tours in the capital Santiago and the coastal town Valparaiso. But it looks like they will grow. The idea is simple. They have different routes on different days and at different times. Fot these times and days there are different meeting points and locations. And there you have to find then the “Wally”. You will recognize him or her on the red-white-striped t-shirt. But without strange bobble cap.

Of course it´s fun to explore a new place by your own. You will find the most interesting places just by accident. But as well it is very interesting and juicy to have a local who knows everything about the place and gives you a special insight in this world. You will get in touch with inspiring and moving information and will see locations you would never have reached or learned about without this insider person. The two founders Joel Martínez from Santiago and Peter Lewis from the USA emphazised from the beginning a high standard of quality of the guide’s work and the whole way of informing. In Santiago there exist various companies and groups which provide kind of guided tours, here you can have everything from the cheap freelance student up to the 300-dollar-Andes-professional. With Tour 4 Tips it´s different. You give how much you want. You pay in the end the amount which you think it´s appropriate. And it´s functioning and actually it works quite well. And the reason is definitely because of this kind of quality. You feel very well informed, it´s fun and a nice experience. In the end you just give the appropriate amount by yourself. Even just for this, this experiment and the evidence that quality and engagement pays in the end, because of that, they deserve a lot of credits.

You can listen to the political history of Chile with all the ups and downs, from Allende to Pinochett till the Today while you are strolling through all the involved and important stations and places in the city. They organize food-tours to the markets and you will find the delicatest – but still cheap – restaurants and special take away corners which you would never have found by your own. Or you take part in a graffiti-tour where you can get insight in the scene, the artists and the background of all the fantastic street art there. Surely you would have seen it just by walking by, but who painted it? And how and why? Such a city has the most curios stories to offer. And the Wallys are going to tell you these. In an interview the guide Lizett Gutierres speaks about her work and how she came to Tour 4 Tips:

Here you can have a look on a promotion video from the Tours 4 Tips about the markets in Santiago while they are doing a food walk:

They do as well tours in other cities around the country, for example in Valparaiso:


Tour Agency:  TOURS 4 TIPS


  Phone:   Chile: +56-22-570-9939  –  USA: +1-913-871-6355  –  Australia: +61 02 80057199



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