Welcome to Vagabundler!

A wonderful ragbag for alternative travelers and street art fans. On this platform you can find interesting reportages including detailed routes, elaborate country maps and coverages on creative artists. There is a whole section about interviews with unique people and their amazing work, as well about crazy events and interesting sustaining projects from all around the world. With a special preference and focus on Streetart and Graffiti the colour-on-the-wall-lovers can find an extensive area with city maps and location trackers. I am continuously working on the website, loading up and constructing. So it´s building and changing step by step – but – of course!  When I have free time…. I travel !!!


The Map

The worldmap with all the routes and locations where we found streetart, graffiti or did nice interviews.



Travel Reportages

IRELAND: Mighty Murals and Creative Illustrations – KEVIN BOHAN

Kevin Bohan came to art and graffiti via detours, but better later than never. For far too long he was working in unsatisfactory jobs, he didn’t pursue what was inside him, which eventually led to many years of depression. But the way out of the dark corner was finally painting and creative design. Art is …

GERMANY: Tamara Zippel & Die Segel – Visual Art and Abstract Performing

Walking cyborg creatures, pixeled astronauts or simply diagonally painted bodies – the wacky performances of the artist collective “Die Segel” from Frankfurt are breathtaking productions that captivate visitors in a flood of impressions. The costumes are elaborately selfmade and seem to come from another world, self-composed music plays on the stage and the performers are …

Streetart & Graffiti

Maps and Location-Tracker for Streetart & Graffiti from all around the world.