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A wonderful ragbag for alternative travelers and street art fans. On this platform you can find interesting reportages including detailed routes, elaborate country maps and coverages on creative artists. There is a whole section about interviews with unique people and their amazing work, as well about crazy events and interesting sustaining projects from all around the world. With a special preference and focus on Streetart and Graffiti the colour-on-the-wall-lovers can find an extensive section with city maps and location trackers. I am continuously working on the website, loading up and constructing. So it´s building and changing step by step – but – of course!  When I have free time…. I travel !!!


The Map

The worldmap with all the routes and locations where we found streetart, graffiti or did nice interviews.



Travel Reportages

GERMANY: Curator Leander Rubrecht – RubrechtContemporary and Kaiser & Cream

Curator and gallery owner Leander Rubrecht has a flair for the special, unconventional and out-of-frame. He seeks and finds the changes in art and society, pursues them and offers such artists a platform. At the same time, the common criticism of the non-changing of the existing and the other is viewed with constantly new facets …

Streetart & Graffiti

Maps and Location-Tracker for Streetart & Graffiti from all around the world.