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A wonderful ragbag for alternative travelers and street art fans. On this platform you can find interesting reportages including detailed routes, elaborate country maps and coverages on creative artists. There is a whole section about interviews with unique people and their amazing work, as well about crazy events and interesting sustaining projects from all around the world. With a special preference and focus on Streetart and Graffiti the colour-on-the-wall-lovers can find an huge area with city maps, location trackers and thousands of photos. We are continuously working on the website, loading up and constructing. All respect to the artists! As well to all the people meanwhile involved in this non profit project. We do this voluntarily because we love it and we want to support the art scene, creativity in general and socio-cultural understanding between us on this planet. If you find any mistakes or missing information, feel free to write us. We are creating, building and changing on this website all the time – but – of course!  If there is free time…. we travel and explore!!!



More Creatives, Streetart Hunters and Vagabundlers joined, we have heaps of new articles and photographs. Especially Frank Hofmann is building up the enourmous Hamburg Streetart Map with meanwhile 1150 spots and more than 7000 photos!

Salvador Seda (GraffiPreBicentenario) from Chile joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Angol!

Holger Peter (PeterEatAndArt) from Berlin joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Berlin with extensive infos about the artists and meanwhile with over 3400 pages and more than 19000 photos.

Milau Lutumba (Delutu) from France joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Paris!

Agnieszka Pisarska (Piece of Streetart) contributes great galleries of cities in Poland and is building up the Streetart Map of Wrocław!

Patrice Loranger (PLoranger4417) from Canada joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Montreal.

Fiona Lu (City.Features) from Canada joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Vancouver.

Caley Costley (BobBleu) from California, USA joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Los Angeles.

Matthias Busch  joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Austin in Texas, USA.

Luigi Savoia from Italy joined and is building up the Streetart Map of Turin.

Analiá Pertusi aka Perts Jam joined and is building up a fantastic archive for the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.

Julien Canadas from France joined and contributes great photos and also videos for the Toulouse Map.

Bart Hagel aka Street Art Damsko contributes awesome material for the Amsterdam Map.

Frankfurt Map reached 1250 spots and offers more than 16.000 photos to explore! As well there are lots of new updates to several places.

The Map

The worldmap with all the locations where we collected streetart and graffiti or did nice interviews. Click on the colored fields and check out the content of each country. Besides urban art you will find also a lot of articles about special locations, unique architecture and beautiful nature. Just the interesting things:



Travel Reportages

ARGENTINA: Streetart Buenos Aires – Tribute to footbal legend Diego Armando Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona Franco was an Argentine football player and coach. He is one of the “legends of world football” and is considered one of the best football players in history. Already as a younger player he was called “El Pibe de Oro” – “The golden Boy”. In his career Maradona took part in four …

ALBANIA: Streetart Tirana – Mural Fest Tirana – Praxinho’s Urban Art Collection

Fabulous travel photographer and world explorer Praxinho aka Praxi Deluxe brought some awesome photo material from his journey to the Albanian capital Tirana. Since 2018 the fantastic MURAL FEST TIRANA takes place in the streets and numerous artists from all around the globe have been invited in the previous years. This great event is hosted …

GERMANY: Graffiti artist Bernd Eisold aka BERK – Liquid Wildstyle, colorful sketching and creative art education

Fantastic spray art in which you can dive into or that jumps towards you. WildStyle at its best! Mostly liquid, but it sticks firmly to the wall. We interviewed the artist BERND EISOLD aka BERK about his awesome graffiti artworks. He is not only active as an artist himself, but also tries passionately to support …