GREECE: Thessaloniki – Vibrant city built on cities

It doesn´t matter when you go to Thessaloniki, maybe in winter you won´t go swimming, but this city offers just a wonderful combination of the necessary ingredients to have a desired enjoyable quality of life. I could definitely imagine living there for some month or years. The food is fantastic, the people are cool, sympathetic, social and quite open minded. But still stubborn, of course, they are Greek. But stubborn in a nice meaning. They do it their way. And what I observed I really liked, in a lot of aspects a combination of the old with the new, making something different out of it, but without forgetting anything. Everything stays preserved. In Thessaloniki I could meet interesting people who showed me new innovative ideas in which direction Greek culture can go. We went to amazing and entertaining night clubs, one located in an old Hamam, the other homagely named after the German capital Berlin with a taste of its music. And not to mention, the food is just super awesome.


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