CAMBODIA: JJ’s Playground – Beach Rave in Sihanoukville

Between the cultural treasures in the Cambodian inner country and the heaps of paradiseful islands by the sea there is Sihanoukville located on the Southern Coast of the Thailand Gulf. It´s headquarters for planing and starting a wonderful relaxing time on one island or do a hopping over several ones. Depening on the time you have, but for sure, you don´t want to leave. For the party people there is as well a cool nightlife provided including super nice sea side places with DJs and nightlong dancing on the beach till sunrise. One of those places with good cocktails, fine music and awesome partys is JJ’s Playground. We spoke with manager Jose and team members Justin and Dave in an interview about the place and the party at JJ’s, as well we did a short walkaround video during daylight.