ECUADOR: The love for Urban Art, Photography and a bit of Crazyness – Gail Lochner

The marvelous streets of Cuenca are paved with bright colors, grandiose architecture and astonishing Graffiti. On our platform you can see and learn more about the individual works of art from this great place in Ecuador on the Cuenca Map. The photographer of all these works is the loving-chaotic GAIL LOCHNER, a fabulous member of our Vagabundler collective.

On Gail’s Instagram channel you can regularly find new streetart content mainly from Cuenca, but also from other places around Ecuador or abroad. Besides painted urban art there are also statues or just visually interesting constellations of whatever included. Sometimes maybe an arrangement of trash in the bushes. It depends on the perspective and how you look at things.

Gail is in any case a great, loving chaotic, which looks alone already out of protest differently on things as others do. And that’s just what’s interesting about us humans, we’re not lemmings. Yes, sometimes we run too fast after a directed bulge of nonsense, so in general it’s always good to question, to try out different ways and to take other perspectives.

Take a closer look at the Cuenca Map, there are many interesting spots already online, including hot spots with whole collections of photos. In the beginning there were only a few photos and we had a gallery page, but more and more content came together and now the map of Cuenca offers an interesting archive of local artworks with background information. Also included are statues, doors or other interesting looking stuff.

We are very happy to have Gail in our collective! Stay tuned for new footage from Ecuador and regularly check her Instagram channel for new content.

Photographer:  GAIL LOCHNER



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