CANADA: Montréal Streetart Hunter and Graffiti Seeker – Patrice Loranger

Patrice Loranger is a passionate streetart lover and explorer of urban creations. Continuously he takes awesome photographs of the wonderful graffiti artworks in his home city Montréal and also from other great places throughout Canada. As well he is committed to providing information about social projects and reports on charities and relief efforts. Patrice supports his city by highlighting issues and getting more attention to problems, but also to those who help.

Montréaler at heart –  in love with his city

Here on the Vagabundler platform Patrice is building up the Streetart Map Montréal. He provides an informative research with background stories and contact details to the artists, crews, collectives and curators if possible. If we missed an artist, let us know, so we can add the info. Check out as well his Instagram channel with frequently new awesome content.

Patrice: “I like to discover Montréal through its architecture, its history, its natural spaces, its microbreweries and its artistic manifestations.”

A basic art lover and an amateur artist!

Patrice: “I have been interested in street art for a few years. I like this discipline which makes art accessible to all. Murals, graffiti, stencil tags, pasteups, various installations, everything interests me.”

Patrice: “I love travelling. This allows me to integrate knowledge by traveling the field and take the opportunity to discover and learn. My passions and interests led me to accept the invitation to collaborate with the Vaglabundler project.”

Patrice: “I wish and hope to succeed in making people discover and know the richness of Montréal streetart. Travelers can use this tool to better understand my city and discover it from a different perspective. Have fun and be amazed when you are in Montréal!”

Patrice: “I am, in addition to being a lover of Montréal, a person who is interested in the world in general. I have traveled a lot and will travel a lot. I have friends in Europe, Africa and South America. I love making contacts, meeting people and enriching myself by sharing and having new experiences with people. Vagabundler fits very well in this vision of a rich and stimulating life.”


  Photographer: PATRICE LORANGER



  Streetart Map Montréal: