GERMANY: Frank Hofmann – Informer, Stencil Artist and Graffiti Hunter

The innovative traveller, culture seeker and streetart hunter Frank Hofmann contributes regularly to the Vagabundler archive lots of fantastic graffiti images and interesting articles about impressive places. Thank you, Fränk! This person follows his passion and discovers the world in his very own way. I know Frank since  school, and he’s just one of my super best friends. We have experienced a good number of adventures through world history together. Some stories about that are online here on the website. The mix of chaos, luck, coincidence and just “let´s see what happens if we try that…”. Mega Awesome! Great Memories!

Frank started already in school to creatively upgrade the classroom tables. Later his earlier fantastic drawing works were simply made by pen on paper, but very detailed elaborated. He still loves using the pen and integrates it into his meanwhile bigger range of instruments. Stencil is to mention definitely at this point. He found a main tool and developed its usage over time in his individual style. Meanwhile countless artworks can be found in the urban space, on funky objects, in befriended living-rooms or as well in school buildings. Frank is always curious, observing inspiration and searching for something new, therefore he is a perfect teacher for the younger. He works with children and motivates them to be creative by themselves. Some of the artworks shown here are examples of the results.

The graffiti seeker is currently filling the Hamburg Streetart Map with beautiful photo material! A big thank you also to Janine Lemke and Dirk Wesenberg for their contribution of heaps of photo footage! The Streetart Map Hamburg has meanwhile 880 spots divided into 12 categories with more than 3500 photos. Included in this article are some of the fabulous artworks created by Frank Hofmann, mostly stencil style on walls or various objects, graffiti sketches and drawings.

Frank Hofmann shares his art, his perception and humor sometimes also for others. And these events are just fantastic, interesting and authentic. Here on the website you can find some of his stories and heaps of photographs. But it´s also possible to see him sometimes live on stage like on a reading session at Data77112 in Heilbronn.




(BEL) Antwerp
(BEL) Banksy
(DEN) Brande
(GBR) Manchester
(NLD) Groningen
(NLD) Utrecht
(NLD) Zandvoort
(NOR) Bjorvika
(NOR) Bygdøy
(NOR) Frogner
(NOR) Grønland
(NOR) Tøyen
(PRT) Porto Art
(PRT) Porto City