NETHERLANDS: Zandvoort – Street Art in a Different Way

Thanks a lot for the contribution of the awesome photo material and nicely written article by Frank Hofmann:

If you like it quiet and tranquil, you are in the right place in Zandvoort. About 30 minutes by train from the vibrant centre of Amsterdam, the coastal town invites you to relax and unwind. If city life is too stressful and hectic, you can stop here. Especially in the summer is busy here. This is on the one hand on the long sandy beach, which is located along the town with only approx. 17,000 inhabitants. On the other hand, almost half of all inhabitants live from tourism.

Attractions definitely include the „Circuit Park” especially for motorcyclists and the national park called „Zuid-Kennemerland” with the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. The water pipeline dunes are used to extract and supply drinking water to the city of Amsterdam. Especially the national park serves for extensive walks on the beach. The good train connection to Amsterdam (every 30 minutes) also makes Zandvoort popular. Thus, day trips in Holland’s „Sodom & Gomorra“ are quite lucrative and quickly accomplished. Especially for couples who do not (only) go to Holland to celebrate, this coastal town is almost ideal.

Of course, there is also a selection of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Probably the most popular cannabis store is the „Yanks Indian Club“. The shop is equipped with a totem pole and typical look in the Indian style, invites you to linger and is in my opinion extremely comfortable. Cannabis can also be bought and consumed. If you invest more than 50 euros, you will receive a free T-shirt with the logo of the „Yank“. Very attractive! Tipis are built on the walls and compared to the Wild West, you don’t have to worry about being scalped.

The beer selection is also excellent in Holland! In addition to the absolute master cult beer Brouwers, there are numerous beers from abroad. Belgian beer in particular is also very popular in Holland, for example the classics Amstel and Heineken, but also a lot of local brews which are quite tasty. Accordingly, beer drinkers can feel very comfortable here!

When it comes to street art, the city offers special elements. There’s hardly any graffiti here. But in July 2017 there was a very nice street art festival, where especially the floor around the beach promenade was artistically and creatively painted.

Speaking of beach promenade. Every year, the greatest sand sculptures are made of sand in Zandvoort. True masterpieces made of sand are produced by international artists around here during nice events and actually all the time. But what you can see here and the created „Sand-Artworks“ are very different than playing with a shovel and a bucket in a sandbox. The results are indeed transient art, due to weather, drifts and time, but it is simply very dreamlike and favorable in the procurement of materials. Sand is a natural building block that does not produce dirt and waste and does not require great logistics on site. In addition, it is simply gorgeous to look at. In 2020, the European Sand Sculpture Championship in Zandvoort was supposed to take place in July. We will see how everything is going on and I hope it will be possible! I’m sure it would be a great event if it were to happen.


I also want to mention the „Walk of Fame” in the city centre. In the ground floor there are plaques implemented that show more or less the celebrities of the city or celebrities who have come to Zandvoort at some time. Elisabeth in Beieren, better known as Empress Elisabeth „Sissi” of Austria, has already spent her bathing holidays here and developed a preference for the small coastal town. Bert Jacobs is another candidate on the Walk of Fame.

One quite famous football coach born in Zandvoort has accompanied many teams. He has coached several first division teams in the Dutch Eredivisie, including FC Utrecht, Roda Kerkrade, Sparta Rotterdam and Fortuna Sittard. Bert Jacobs definitely deserved that star. And as a lovingly chaotic football hooligan fan, the Princess-Sissi-Star was of course just as enthusiastic as Jacobs’s.

Zandvoort is definitely worth a visit if you want to have a quiet holiday by the sea. The coast is in front of you, you can also stay at the campsite, and Amsterdam is practically around the corner. But if you want to go to Zandvoor, you don’t long for city life. It’s something cozy, chilled and quiet. I really liked it and it was now my third stay there. Let’s see if there will be some more stays at this little lovely place. Because the world is not enough!

 Author & Photographer: Frank Hofmann


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