DENMARK: Graffiti and Streetart Festival Brande – Fantastic Urban Art Event

Thanks a lot for the contribution of the awesome photo material and nicely written article by Frank Hofmann:  

„Nur so am Rande, ab nach Brande!“ – It makes a nice rhyme in German and means „By the way, off to Brande!“. Located in the heart of Midtjylland, Brande is a small, manageable municipality in Denmark with around 7.300 inhabitants. What are you doing in this sleepy hollow? In an hour, you could walk around this dump. Not quite! At first this question may seem justified and „So eine Schande, was soll ich in Brande?“ comes to mind. Again another German rhyme wordplay which would mean translated „What a shame, what am I doing in Brande?”. But that’s obsolete. What does not sound spectacular at first is very deceptive. Brande is an absolute feast for the eyes.

Two to three hours of time should be planned for a visit to Brande at least, if it should be really comfortable and interesting.. This is recommended. Denmark in general is very cozy and relaxed. During the day, exploring it can be advantageous because of the lighting and brightness, but at night the art space is certainly interesting and scatters its character. Brande is not only on the radar in Denmark, but also internationally when it comes to street art. Brande? Are you joking? Certainly not! Brande has an incredible amount of style and a very special charm.

As early as 1966 Bendix and Manfeld-Giese designed the first murals here and with the „Midjysk Kunstforening” they set a cultural scene in motion that still has a positive effect on the city today and invites artists to continue to shape the city. In 1969 Brande was named City of the Year in Denmark. To stage and create a gallery in public space, which does not require a fixed opening time, is more than successful accomplished.

„Die ganze Bande war in Brande?“ Again it rhymes in German and means the question „The whole Street Art gang was at Brande?” Yes, that´s right! The city is littered with murals in a huge variety of styles and representations. Many objects are constructed in 3-D, quite impressive is for example the artwork Alice in Wonderland. The whole city is a creative place, water-hydrants and park benches are dressed up and involved in art projects and in addition to house facades, the ground at the market place is also an absolute attraction. Since 2015, street art festivals have been held regularly in the city and the surrounding area, further reinventing the city visually.



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  Author & Photographer: Frank Hofmann


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