POLAND: Streetart Map Warsaw – Graffiti Tracker

Check out the collected artworks and wonderful creations throughout the city of Warsaw. The links to each marker lead to other pages with many more photos and information. Sometimes you can get some writing, a little story or even a longer report about the spot. The photos are contributed from great photographers, art enthusiasts and Warsaw lovers Agnieszka Pisarska, Still Keep Moving Forward and Mazzanti. Have a look, dive in and explore for yourself. The map and the information are helpful, but if you are around, of course go on your own adventure and explore the place for yourself!

How does the map work? All the buttons on the map are links to a photo gallery of the spot, sometimes with only one photo, sometimes with heaps of photos or even a full article. The different symbols explain various categories of the streetart and graffiti artworks. In the navigation of the map on the left you can find the several markers sorted by the categories and it´s possible to hide or fade these layers. As well you can click on the gallery buttons below to get to a collection of just this category.

Mid Range
Good Ones
Golden Nuggets
Trains & Tracks
Open Spaces
Complex Crafts
Bridges & Highway
Mighty Murals
Contract Work
Hidden Secrets
Halls of Fame
Adventurous Art, Boats, Roofs


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