NORWAY: Streetart Grønland – Multi cultural diversity, delicious food and endless art

This district is also simply wonderful and offers its own great multicultural diversity! Together with the district of Tøyen, Grønland is a central area for immigrants and migrants in Oslo. The percentage of migration in Grønland is around 40%. That means there’s something going on here! Here the mixture of cultural diversity, choice and possibilities is right. Here, too, real life takes place on the street. From the main station to the north you can stroll along the river AKERSELVA. In summer, the green areas are full. Many people do sports, drink beer, chill out, picnic, barbecue, listen to music and relax around the river. Of course, some finished figures also run around, because they continuously pop it too pure. It’s noticeable. The atmosphere is still very peaceful. Within five minutes, I had four different leaders who offered their services to me.


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