ISRAEL: Zeev Engelmayer – Transformation into a Super Heroine – Becoming Shoshke

This is the story of Shoshke. A super heroine brought to life. And it’s probably one of the weirdest and funniest but above all most motivating stories here on this channel so far. The creator himself, namely the Israeli artist Zeev Engelmayer repeatedly takes on the role of his self-designed comic super heroine. Then he just becomes Shoshke in a special costume. An idea for an artistic performance has developed into an unbridled dynamic of its own and an independent character within Zeev’s psyche. That´s Shoshke. It´s not schizophrenic, more like a symbiosis. Zeev loves it and he frequently is setting her free. Because Shoshke makes always and every few days crazy but fabulous actions. Currently, according to Marker Magazine “She” is one of the 100 most influential people in Israel. And we need some more Shoshkes on this world! She fights for the good and important things. Take some time for this article. It’s going to be strange and complex, but for sure as well funny and super interesting.


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