GREECE: Streetart Thessaloniki – All over Urban Art in ancient architecture

After the first days in Thessaloniki I just had no idea anymore how to categorize, sort or edit the pictures later. I just had thousands of pics and the whole city is literally a huge street gallery. On every alley, on every house, on every something, even on the trees – Yes on trees! – you can find spray can doings and marker writings. Altogether it is one social art phenomenon, a way of expression and nice to observe, to document, to read and to understand how the habitants change their surrounding. If you look closer you can divide this huge house and wall painting cover which lies like a curtain over the whole city. There are areas where it is more packed, like at the university, downtown and in the center, as well you can find in between whole concept houses, high quality group artworks and of course the brilliantly made and enormous mighty murals, which cover the walls of whole 10-level apartment buildings and even higher.