ALBANIA: Berat – Skotis Hostel

Do you need some nice advice for a short trip or long term holiday destination? We already wrote something about a roadtrip through Albania and presented you the country as a new secret hint (Let´s go to Albania). The New York Times voted the country in the newcomer list of soonly be in demand places of interest. Our trip was definitly classic, we learned a lot, had fun and it was (still) quite cheap. The whole country is paved with UNESCO heritages, one of the most impressive cities is certainly Berat. We stood there for a few days in Skotis Backpacker Hostel. The born Scot is an enthusiastic person, excited about travelling and get to know other countries and cultures. Here in Berat in Albania her realized his long wished dream about opening a hostel. When he came to Albania in 2008 there existed just one hostel in the capital Tirana. (We wrote as well something about that place with interviews with the owners). The city Berat is just a historical and as well an architectonical sight, where you should spend some days. The river Osum divides the city in a valley, the houses are built in hills and into the mountain. All the buildings are constructed and presented mostly in the same style and clustered into the hills and valley walls. But actually you don´t see a lot of any walls. There are just window. A lot of windows. That´s why Berat is called as well the „City of the thousand windows“.


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