ITALY: Teatro Colosseo Exhibition – Streetart in Blu 3 – BANKSY, BLU & ROBERT DEL NAJA

In June 2021 the fantastic exhibition “Streetart in Blu 3” opened its doors in the Teatro Colosseo with artworks from the famous leading urban artists BANKSY, BLU and ROBERT DEL NAJA aka 3D. The show rooms of the contemporary and alternative art museum at Via Madame Cristina 71 in Turin were peppered with magnificent creations made by those three masterminds. On information boards or on digital and audiovisual info screens, visitors were able to find out about the backgrounds of the works and makers. Additionally they showed an exciting interview with gallerist Steve Lazarides made by Andrea Olcese for the famous magazine Artibune. The exhibition was curated by Xora, Lacryma Lisnic and Serena Aisto with awesome lighting designs by Riccardo Bonis and Francesco Dell’Elba.


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