IRELAND: Creative colorful freak out fashion – Ashley Byrne & AB Design

Sometimes if you don´t like what’s available, you have to create something new by yourself. This can happen in many different areas of course, in this article it will be about fashion and clothing. The Dublin designer Ashley Byrne always wanted more color, more intense styles, more creativity, but the products you can get in the average stores are just too boring, mostly unified standards, mass production and without specialty. So Ashley started to create her own fantastic cloth and built up the label called AB Design.


3 Antworten auf „IRELAND: Creative colorful freak out fashion – Ashley Byrne & AB Design“

  1. This is a very good tip particularly to those fresh to the fashion scene. Thank you for sharing this one about AB Design. A must read post!

  2. Thanks for post and info, will order some of this super style dresses, was searching for more colour in cloth for a long time, thanks for sharing, Lucia

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