GERMANY: BUGA Areal Heilbronn – Nature Makro Close Ups

The annual Federal Garden Show (Bundesgartenschau) of 2019 took place from April 17th to October 6th in Heilbronn. On around 40 hectares between the old arm of the river Neckar and the new Neckar Canal there were heaps of garden constructions, plants and flowers exhibitions and a seperate three-hectare city project with 23 architecturally innovative buildings presented. The green relaxing area is still there and the council keeps it running with cultural events, music concerts or nature workshops. This little innercity flower and insect paradise is open for visitors after paying an enctrance fee. Here is a new 2020 collection of recent nature close up shots by the Heilbronn based photographer André Gellrich.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a good blog! I like the streetart, but nice to see as well some nature. The flower photos are great! Bring more of that.
    King regards,

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