GERMANY: Streetart Map Berlin – Urban Art Paradise at “Haus der Statistik”

The former seat of the State Central Administration of Statistics (SZS) of the GDR became the property of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks (BIMA) with the reunification of Germany. After the fall of the Wall, the “Haus der Statistik” (=House of Statistics) was used, among other things, by the office of the Federal Commissioner for the records of the State Security Service, also known as the Gauck or later Birthler authority. The authorities stayed there until 2008. Since then, the 45,000 m² building complex has been vacant. Till the artists came… Meanwhile it has become an amazing art paradise full of great works and new creations are constantly being created here nearly every day. Check out our gallery with around 40 artists and more than 500 photos.


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