MARTINIQUE: Streetart Fort-de-France – Lesser Antilles – Fantastic Island Art in the Caribbean

Martinique is a Caribbean island of rugged scenic beauty that belongs to the Lesser Antilles. This French overseas department has a distinctive culture with a mixture of French and West Indian influences. You can find great urban artworks  and graffiti in the streets of the capital Fort-de-France and the several other villages. Here we have a collection with magnificent creations photographed by graffiti hunter and streetart lover MAZZANTI.


2 Antworten auf „MARTINIQUE: Streetart Fort-de-France – Lesser Antilles – Fantastic Island Art in the Caribbean“

  1. Good morning, where to find graffiti art in fort de France Martinique? Walking distance from the cruise port or do we need transport to get there?
    Have you got the one Oreo the street name for us ore just walk downtown and one can’t miss? Thx in advance for your short reply.

    1. Hello Erwin, thanks for your message. The photos from Martinique are mostly from the main town Fort-du-France, but unfortunately we don’t have the exact location or street names. But it is not that big, so by walking around and exploring you should find them. Enjoy your travels! In our archive there are not that many photos from Martinique yet, so if you want you can send us photos you took to and we will add them to the page.

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