GERMANY: Streetart Berlin – Urban Art Championat at North Side Gallery – Halloween Jam 2021

Time for a Graffiti Battle with a creepy Halloween theme! On October 31st an Urban Art Championship took place at the North Side Gallery in Berlin. The event was organized by Graffiti Battle TV with great support from Loop Colors, Graffiti Lobby Berlin, Emily Strange and the shop Graffiti Box. Bee Low and History of Berlin also provided support. Fantastic works of art were created on the walls in the park at the Nordbahnhof, matching the date with styles of Halloween. This event served as a preliminary decision for the Berlin contribution to the International Graffiti Battle 2022. DEJOE was awarded 1st place, followed by TWICK in 2nd place and SKIM in 3rd place. Altogether 20 artists participated at the event.


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