GERMANY: Streetart Hannover – Linden – Ihme Zentrum Art Multispace – Area Spot Description

The Ihme Center and the areas in front of, below and around it are used extensively for artistic activities, but because this building complex is so extensive, we will try to describe this place to you in a little more detail. The famous Ihme Hall of Fame is located here, as well as many passages, corridors and promenade paths, which in some places are stacked on several floors. Many works of art from the magnificent annual URBAN NATURE festival are also created here.

Ihme Zentrum  –  Building Complex

Ihme Hall of Fame  –  Legal Graffiti Wall

The Ihme Hall of Fame runs along the banks of the river Ihme from north to south, always below street level. In the north there is a wall that is perhaps 1.4 meters high. However, the top of the wall is completely horizontal. As it continues south towards the “Spinnereibrücke”, or in English “The Spinning Mill Bridge, the wall becomes approximately 6 meters high and the terrain slopes downwards. A staircase from street level down to the “Ihme Ufer” interrupts the reverberation section. Further south, to the Spinnereibrücke, the wall is again 6 meters high. The hall then continues under the bridge, continues to the west below the Ihme Center building and ends directly on the banks of the Ihme again in the open air. The 6 round concrete columns support the building above the hall in this area. In addition, there is the bridge foundation, which is sprayed on both sides. However, the area on and under the Spinnereibrücke is no longer a tolerated spray area and is it not allowed to paint there legally. But nobody really knows where the official hall space ends. At the southern tip, a staircase leads “one floor up” to street level. This is the area of the “Ihme Ufer Weg”.

URBAN NATURE  –  Graffiti  &  Streetart Festival

Many works from the legendary URBAN NATURE festival were installed on the Ihme Hall of Fame, particularly in the area with a wall height of 6 meters, then extend up this wall via the stairs to the “Ihme Ufer Weg”, in order to go back north to Spinnereistraße and also south to the “Ida Arenhold Brücke”. The whole thing is a three-dimensional affair! As well you can find artworks on the square area by the river called “Ihme Platz”.

Ihme Passage  –  Hallway and Tunnel Labyrinth

In addition, there are the passages across and long through the bowels of the Ihme Center. All those areas are covered with some ceiling, almost like tubes  or partial tunnels. And of course URBAN NATURE has immortalized itself there too with great artworks. Off to the left and right of the tunnels are further hollow spaces, some of which are wildly sprayed, while here too URBAN NATURE works extend deep into the bowels of the building complex. Labyrinthine paths take you up one or two levels. Partly built over, partly in the open air. This is also part of the “Ihme Passage” and there are several pieces too.

Ihme Ufer Weg  –  Walkway along the river Ihme

Another part in the south is the “Ihme Ufer Weg”, which stretches from the “Ida Arenhold Bridge” along the river to the “Schwarze Bär” subway station at the Capitol. The walls and building facades along the path are also used extensively for works of art. On the photo below you can see the south part of the center and the hall. To the direction to the south or on the photo to the left the “Ihme Ufer Weg” starts and continues further south with several more artworks aside.

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Photographer:   IRXNSCHMOIZ

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