GERMANY: Streetart Map Munich – Urban Art Archive and Graffiti Tracker

There are only a few great spots online so far. We would of course like to expand and extend this map. If you have photos of graffiti or urban artworks from Munich, you are very welcome to send them to us and we will add them to the map. If you want to contribute to the Munich Map write us or send us photos to

How does the map work?  All the buttons on the map are links to a photo gallery of the spot, sometimes with only one photo, sometimes with heaps of photos or even a full article. The different symbols explain various categories of the streetart and graffiti artworks. In the navigation of the map on the left you can find the several markers sorted by the categories and it´s possible to hide or fade these layers.

Golden Nuggets
Train Stations
Complex Crafts
Bridges Highway
Mighty Murals
Hidden Secrets
Halls of Fame