GERMANY: Streetart Hannover – Watertower & Glocksee

We visited the city Hannover in the north of Germany and brought nice photo material from the known streetart spots and the ones we found by accident. Of course the city has a lot more to offer, here is a little selection.


At the Brink Harbour there still exists the old water tower. Meanwhile an event agency is running the historical construction and they remodeled the tower into circled restaurant with round bar, brick lined walls and neon lights. The regularly organize cool parties and activities. It can be awesome and impressive to celebrate in half ancient and half modern rooms.

The areal in front of and around the tower is more or less in a building site look. It appears more dingy and grubby. There is as well a parking lot for trucks, site vehicles and actually the dump for any kind of construction equipment, as well huge containers. But these containers became step by step part of the decoration of the water tower entrance. If planed or just integrative  taken it´s not sure, but it definitely looks great. Historik meets harbor and spray culture. On top of one of the containers they placed as well an old airplane wreck. Fantastic view and good photo shooting place.



Through the northern suburb Vahrenwald flows the “Mittellandkanal“. With a whole length of 325,3 km it is the longest canal in the world and the longest artificial waterway in Germany. You wouldn´t recognize it, it looks more like a middle sized river. But the fluid ship traffic is obvious and these river boats are just perfect motives for photographing. Or you just stay there and enjoy the view of their passing by.

If there is a river and an infrastructure which has to go over it, eventually there have to be bridges as well.  And if there are bridges, there are graffitis and sprayworks. As more hidden they are, as more uglier they get, but somewhere you have to start and practice, if there are just no legal places in town. As well on the surrounding industrial buildings and brick walls you can find nice brightener.



The visit at the autonomic youth center Glocksee in the urban district Calenberg Neustadt is a MUST for all graffiti fans. The Glocksee arose in 1972 and is after the autonomic center UJZ Kornstraße in the Nordstadt the oldest organized facility of its kind in Germany. If you search in the internet for Hall of Fame you will get the location of this building complex. It´s definitely a pure finding spot for a search. But not only the fabrics and industrial halls are covered with wonderful streetart and graffiti, actually the whole street is one big awesome piece of color and paintings.

The self organized space is also called „Bell” and hosts a children and youth center for social and culture work and the self-governed event locations Café Glocksee and Indiego (closed at the moment), which are famous for good concerts and below the favored clubs in the city, especially in the students scene.

On the huge walls outside the buildings they paint regularly and the façades continuously get new artificial faces. To these places you can go over and over again, even after half a year there shine totally different graffiti works from the walls and it looks completely different.


Calenberger Neustadt

Around the Glocksee areal but as well scattered throughout the neighborhood there are heaps of other more or less good streetart pieces. The rivers Ihme and Leine flow through the district and therefore there are a lot of bridges around and as well graffiti below them or on the pillars.


Of course you can always crab, bellyache and be upset about these always returning daub and scribbling on the own house walls. Or you could try to understand all this graffiti and streetart stuff and behave a bit more wisely and clever like some shop owners in the quarter did. They just let the artists paint their fronts via order and voluntarily. On the one hand the sprayer had the opportunity to work creative and to paint something nice without rushing. On the other hand those walls don´t get painted and covered by others anymore. There already is some artwork on it. The others prefer to change and colorize the remaining grey, boring and dreary house walls without paint.


  UJZ Glocksee:

  Café Glocksee Website:

 Café Glocksee Facebook:

  Indiego Glocksee:

 Indiego Glocksee Facebook:

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