GERMANY: Streetart Hannover – Glocksee Hall

The visit at the autonomic youth center Glocksee in the urban district Calenberg Neustadt is a MUST for all graffiti fans. The Glocksee arose in 1972 and is after the autonomic center UJZ Kornstraße in the Nordstadt the oldest organized facility of its kind in Germany. If you search in the internet for Hall of Fame you will get the location of this building complex. It´s definitely a pure finding spot for a search. But not only the fabrics and industrial halls are covered with wonderful streetart and graffiti, actually the whole street is one big awesome piece of color and paintings. The self organized space is also called „Bell” and hosts a children and youth center for social and culture work and the self-governed event locations Café Glocksee and Indiego (closed at the moment), which are famous for good concerts and below the favored clubs in the city, especially in the students scene. On the huge walls outside the buildings they paint regularly and the façades continuously get new artificial faces. To these places you can go over and over again, even after half a year there shine totally different graffiti works from the walls and it looks completely different.

>>> MARCH 2018