GERMANY: Streetart Hannover – Linden – Zur Bettenfabrik 3 – Kulturzentrum Faust – OLF LUPIN & others

Since 1991, the FAUST cultural center in the heart of Hannover’s Linden district has stood for lively and multifaceted cultural and district work. On the former site of the Werner & Ehlers bedspring factory, FAUST has been offering a versatile infrastructure for art, culture, education and social activities on over 6300 square meters for three decades.

In the event halls, the art space “Warenannahme”, the 60s hall, the Mephisto and the art hall, a variety of cultural events from music, theater and literature to art exhibitions meet parties and disco series as well as committed, versatile educational and association work. With their commitment and projects, around thirty associations ensure interdisciplinary and intercultural work that has an impact far beyond the district.

The event program focuses on national and international artists and top acts as well as the presentation and promotion of Hannoverian and regional artists and up-and-coming bands. It is precisely from this mixture that FAUST‘s cultural work draws its appeal, because it deliberately does not focus exclusively on current trends, but also arouses the audience’s interest in new and newly discovered impulses and impressions.

The spectrum in the “Warenannahme” ranges from literature and music to documentary films, political discussions and talk formats and various forms of theater. The nationally successful ensembles Improvisationstheater Hannover 98 and Die Improkokken have had their home in the Warenannahme venue for many years. With their programs, they turn classical theater on its head – the evening’s scenes are spontaneously and freely improvised according to the audience’s instructions. Here, no two shows are the same and the audience witnesses “unique world premieres” in both senses of the word. The poetry competition “Macht Worte!” also causes a sensation. It is the largest regular live literary event of its kind in Hannover and the region. Here, renowned authors as well as up-and-coming artists submit their texts to the vote of over 200 literature-loving guests in the hall, which is always sold out.

In the 60s Hall and Mephisto, various parties and disco series offer a wide range of events that is unparalleled in Hannover. These include exclusive electronic events by collectives such as HTD and popular all-time party hits such as the “90s Party”. At FAUST, the city’s best and most famous DJs are behind the controls to thrill the audience. There are also live concerts by top international and national acts such as Turbostaat, Alice Phoebe Lou, Die Kassierer, La Vela Puerca, Eläkeläiset, Afrob, Jazzmatazz, KRS-One, Götz Widmann, Rocko Schamoni and Wallis Bird, regional “scene greats” and newcomers from the region and the whole of Germany. With its 800-capacity 60s hall, FAUST in Hannover fills a gap between rather anonymous giant halls and small live clubs. Here, the audience is sympathetically close to their idols on stage and therefore right in the middle of the action.

Finally, the FAUST art hall invites you to top-class art encounters. Innovative artistic positions on current social issues, multimedia exhibitions by international artists and top-class solo exhibitions are presented here. The ever-popular Gretchen beer garden and the pizza institution Günes round off the wide range of offers on the FAUST grounds with freshly tapped beer, small snacks and delicious pizzas.   –  Kulturzentrum Faust

There is also fantastic urban art all around the site from smaller artworks to bigger murals. In particular, the artist duo OLF LUPIN, consisting of OLF and LUPIN, have painted many great murals in their unmistakable style. Also the artists from the #nohatefamily project left a lot of artworks and stickers collages with the message for peaceful coexistence and against hate. There are several artworks of which we don’t know the creators. If you know more you can write us to and we will add the missing information.


Artist Duo:  OLF LUPIN  –  OLF & LUPIN



GPS Location:  52°22’35.5″N,  9°42’38.6″E






Collective:  NO HATE FAMILY





Photographer:   IRXNSCHMOIZ

Hashtag:  #irxnschmoiz



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