GERMANY: Sprayer RAWS – #Neograffism

It is a letter-writing, a kind of executed graphic bombing, which Kai Imhof creates. A mix of graffiti and graphics. He calls it #Neograffism. The Berlin graffiti artist may be better known to many as his sprayer name RAWS. Since around 2004, the creative artist sprays and paints works on facades and now also on canvases, shoes or even car rims. Graphic – Graffiti – Minimalism. These are the three core elements of RAWS conceptions. Graphic, because also with acrylic, because structured, with brush from the studio and graphically flat. Graffiti, because with the spray can, the more poached and released from the street. And in a minimalist way, RAWS combines graphics with graffiti and graffiti with graphics in his works, splitting up wavy forms and then reconfiguring them with linear objects. In the end, the name logo RAWS usually stands out clearly or more hidden.


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