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Nashi Young Cho – Jazz

Who is Nashi? What a question, the Frankfurt jazz singer Nashi Young Cho is well known in the Rhine-Main area, but also far beyond. She stands and sings on all stages, has always hosted radio broadcasts and she has been on TV. We talked and compiled an extensive interview with the artist, which is not directly reflected in music concerts or short newspaper articles. Who is Nashi Young Cho actually? How does she think and how does she see the world? Born in Heidelberg, Korean parents, she tells us about her youth and her artistic development as a singer and audio speaker, about her jazz career and her entry into DIE PARTEI (=the party), where she now serves as district chairman of the Wetteraukreis. She talks about her plans and beliefs, her lifestyle and attitude. The full, really nice and insightful interview can be found here (in German) or at the end of the article.


Frau Fenster Art & Design

What can I say…. ? #ArtIsMyHeart ?. My friends say, I am a bit crazy, but lovely. I am always late, but when I arrive it´s mostly catastrophically. But in a funny way. Maybe a bit clumsy as well, but more in social and people issues. The childhood was a nightmare and psychic confusions are still present, therefore I have a different and in some ways more sensible view for life, people and things. Altogether there are several eccentric and extravagant habits existent. Tata! The perfect character and history which are needed to be an artist. And that´s what I meanwhile became.


Alexander Grauberger – ART Archiv

Being able to exhibit as an artist in a gallery or even in a museum is a long and difficult journey. Due to socio-culturally shaped exclusivities such doors are opened to a few. Through relationships, the academic career, the finances, by luck or really the absolutely outstanding talent and a lot of hard work it already works, but there are not so many galleries and exhibition venues. This is also due to the high maintenance costs, the low subsidies and the conditional demand for art objects in general.


AnniMalisch Techno Sounds

Loud bass on dance-loving raves with lots of color and decoration. DJane and event organizer AnniMalisch sets up such parties and visited us in the studio of Radio X. She also brought her fresh X-Mix-Techno-Set. In Frankfurt she organizes events such as „Paint it Blacklight“ and „AnniMaliscHe Triebe“, is playing at festivals throughout Germany and has put on the TagTanzDemo a decent program. Her parties are always colorful and the passionate decoration creative is investing a lot of time and effort in her projects.


The Culture Map – Daniel Vargas & Sam Khayari

A map is used to get an overview of a region or a country. Thus, then a culture map would be a cultural map. Something that gives you an overview of local art and its history. That’s exactly what the initial idea of DJ Daniel Vargas and visual artist Sam Khayari from Rüsselsheim in Germany was. Meanwhile, a creative website has emerged on which the two Culture Map founders introduce artists from a growing regional and cross-genre network into interview videos and portraits.


MusikVideoPainter – TO5Z

His name is actually Tomasz. Take the first two and the last two letters, the „s“ is converted to „5“ and the artist name is finished. TO5Z is a hobbyist, a creative, whose artistic works pervades several genres. Generally he produces music, but then combines the result with visuals. As a painter, he makes a picture, a graphic or a collage for his track. This portrait, in turn, then acts as a catalyst for the final puzzle piece of his project work during the creation: a high-quality music video. The works are thus created in an extensive reciprocal process in the mind of the artist, in his workshop, in the studio and at locations. The results are awesome.


Jam Formation: La Poche á Trou

It was once again a very cool radio program with nice guest: We had „La Poche á Trou“ in our studio before their concert in the space station Rödelheim! At first I thought, on the way to the station, I would pick up two more musicians, two with guitar. Expected me then but more people with interesting instruments …. After all, we had a big double bass in the studio, drums, just a guitar but someone on the accordion. Together they played French chanson ballads. If you did not hear the program, you will get the opportunity here in the podcast. The band introduces itself and their music, as well as live jamming.


Serkan Goeren – Philosophical Postmodern Art

Graphics, shapes and colors represent boundaries and the infinite. The works of the postmodern painter Serkan Goeren from Frankfurt deal with the demolition of their own framework. His art could be described as a philosophical art, the paintings and his writings are an expression of a more comprehensive theory, with which the artist has been engaged since the study time.


Photographer: Niko Neuwirth

We had the artist Niko Neuwirth in the studio at Radio X as a guest. A talented photographer and busy actor in the Frankfurt scene. Niko is a member of the Syndikat Artists, takes photos for the Landungsbrücken, is a studio neighbor of the Tanzhaus West, is currently rebuilding the Blaue Haus and continuously fills his creative photo series „Frankfurter Nächte„, „FACING EUROPE“ and „Analog Frankfurt“ with new ones works. The WILD exhibition was also in the Haus am Dom. Here is the podcast of the interview (in German), in the article you will find quotes and more information about Nikos work. In the Infothek at the end are all contact details.


Graffiti Artist:  BOBOTER ONE

In an interview with artist Balázs Vesszösi alias BOBOTER ONE we talked about his graffiti art and the Character Jam. The audio podcast is in German but you can find the translated interview below. As well there are some videos included from the Naxos Bande of the Naxos Atelier.


Firedancer Cassiopeia

On our tour through Southamerica the firedancer Cassiopeia aka Jasmin Schuhmann travelled with us for several weeks. The artist is originally from Germany and lived for a while in Frankfurt, meanwhile she moved to Buenos Aires and works there at a school. But her big passion is the firedance, in Germany she worked already as a firedance freelancer artist and had gigs on a lot of different events.