GERMANY: Empathic Creator and Visual Artist – Frau Fenster – #ArtIsMyHeart

What can I say…. ? #ArtIsMyHeart ?. My friends say, I am a bit crazy, but lovely. I am always late, but when I arrive it´s mostly catastrophically. But in a funny way. Maybe a bit clumsy as well, but more in social and people issues. The childhood was a nightmare and psychic confusions are still present, therefore I have a different and in some ways more sensible view for life, people and things. Altogether there are several eccentric and extravagant habits existent. Tata! The perfect character and history which are needed to be an artist. And that´s what I meanwhile became.


First by trying to put my emotions and inner feelings which I couldn´t mentally progress on, into paintings. I did art and music already since I was a little child, but the real outbreak started around ten years ago in a rehabilitation art course. It was not only some recovery method, instead it was much more the beginning of an art development and the discovery of my creative doings. Painting and doing art was like a window inside me to my world, but as well for me a window to get my messages outside to the real world and to touch the inner world of others. That´s the reason why my name is “Frau Fenster”. Translated into English it means “Miss Window”.

I really hated it since I was a kid when we went to the museum and there were all these barriers and blockades. I didn´t understand it. Of course you shouldn´t damage some artwork, but for me it was just annoying to have this distance to the objects. As well I wondered how blind people could experience visual art objects. Somebody could tell them how they look like, and they could imagine after that. But they couldn´t experience it with their own existing senses. My art is completely different in this aspect. You are not only allowed to touch it, much more very welcome. An idea is as well to organize exhibitions, where people with visual impairments can enjoy the artworks together with people without visual impairment. Both can experience the presented in their own ways and tell each other how that feels and affects.

I started to work with acrylic paint but quickly improved my equipment and added actually every material possible. There are different implants or formations integrated in the canvas or the wood or whatever. I have no borders or limits what to use, but it is mostly acrylic on canvas for the basic. I work with knifing filler, surfacer, smoothing cement, all kinds of wood, metallic materials, spraycans, aquarelle and chalk. I usually don´t really know how the artpiece will look in the end. It´s more progress at work and doing by doing. Or something like that. Some people would say I am doing action painting. I don´t know. I would prefer describing it as an expression of inner feelings and emotional constellations.

After understanding and exploring my passion for painting and art, more and more patterns of the creative world came together. I am since some years part of a wonderful art collective in Frankfurt, Germany. It´s called Traumschläger Kollektiv. “Traumschläger Kollektiv” is German and means something like “dream-racket collective”. In this group are other painters, sculpturists, photographers, actors and a lot of nice-crazy people like I am.

Every two weeks we meet in a different bar in town. To drink and eat together of course, mostly to drink. But as well to speak about art projects and ideas. A lot of nonsense and fun talk as well, but many interesting and successful ventures started and participants found each other during these easygoing meetings. It´s a place to network and find others for the own plans and undertakings. I started joining theater plays with some roles; we composed music videos and made exciting movies. I found as well my strong proclivity for taking photos, especially close up views with macro object lens.

On my website you can find most of my already existing art works, it´s in German. There are paintings, woodobjects, photographs and portraits, poems and song lyrics. I show insights about my doings, the making ofs and the background to my art. You can find me as well in the net on several accounts (check Infothek below) or with my hashtag #ARTisMyHeart. And big Thanks to Vagabundler to present me and my art here on the platform!












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