GERMANY: Niko Neuwirth – Frankfurter Nächte, „FACING EUROPE“ and „Analog Frankfurt

We had the artist Niko Neuwirth in the studio at Radio X as a guest. A talented photographer and busy actor in the Frankfurt scene. Niko is a member of the Syndikat Artists, takes photos for the Landungsbrücken, is a studio neighbor of the Tanzhaus West, is currently rebuilding the Blaue Haus and continuously fills his creative photo series “Frankfurter Nächte“, “FACING EUROPE” and “Analog Frankfurt” with new ones works. The WILD exhibition was also in the Haus am Dom. Here is the podcast of the interview (in German), in the article you will find quotes and more information about Nikos work. In the Infothek at the end are all contact details.

As a photographer you should be able to use good equipment and have a strong visual perception. Niko Neuwirth has been a professional for 20 years and shows with his project Frankfurter Nächte but also how interesting and unexpected straight “unused” perspectives on the motifs can work. To do this, he climbs Frankfurt’s rooftops, photographs streets and squares from lofty heights, and in his own way gains access to a very special atmosphere.

On his website, Niko writes beautifully poetically in the introduction to the project Frankfurter Nächte (Frankfurt Nights): “The magic of the night has always fascinated me. Frankfurt has been changing rapidly for some time now, creating places with unusual views, mostly for a short time. With this project, I combine the love for photography and the city with a small dose of adrenaline. There are three phases at night: The quiet, invisible ascent can take a long time. Once at the top, it is just as important to me to enjoy the tranquility as taking pictures. I am in a timeless room. The descent is relaxing. The excitement vanishes slowly. “And in addition a quotation from the radio show, Niko Neuwirth:” The Frankfurt nights project, there I arrived photographically. This is me. There are many personalities of mine in it. I’m active at night and like climbing around too. I arrived there with my creativity. “

Interesting but also the other two series. Niko to Analog Frankfurt on his website: “For a decade now, I have no more analog camera in hand. At a flea market in 2016, I saw an old Voigtländer and we immediately fell in love. I do not always have them, but often with me and hold situations of my Frankfurt. Persons of this city and normal angles interest me. As before, wait for the movie and do not know if the exposure has been right. A kind of diary. “

Intro to FACING EUROPE: “The long-term photography project is about coming face-to-face with people from the old continent and how we know our neighbors. Do borders and nationalities play a role in portraying a human being? Are these categories important to humanity and feeling? Sometimes more, sometimes less intimate situations arise. Sometimes it’s a short meeting under a bridge or on a lake, sometimes it’s days spent together with many and intense conversations. I do not conduct, but let my counterpart be himself. The applied technology is reduced to a minimum. The unscheduled, spontaneous excites me and determines the dramaturgy of the journey. Encountered are encounters with charismatic people, situations that touch and conversations that are remembered. The journey to the so-called “strangers” turns out to be a journey to myself. This experience of portraying and self-reflection through the eyes of the “others” is poignant. In landscape photographs I find back to balance and calm. They advance from the gap filler to the common thread, describe the journey and form the backdrop. “

Niko is a studio neighbor to the Landungsbrücken and meanwhile the house and yard photographer. In the Klapperfeld he had already well-attended exhibitions, which in turn resulted in follow-up work. And he is also involved in the Blaue Haus e.V. . The Blaue Haus (Blue House) – for those who do not know the location – is a cultural and arts meeting place, which fell victim to an arson attack on 21 January. The Blue House was not just that, it was also painted blue, a cozy welcoming creative place on the banks of the Main. There were dance evenings and yoga classes held, there were parties and readings held or they met for joint meals and workshops of any kind. The club members, friends and co-workers are busy but to put the project back on its feet. All information about what is happening and how to participate can be found on the website A donation account and a Paypal account have been set up as well.

Niko emphasized in the interview the politically free space and the place for art, culture and leisure at the Blue House. All the more sad that just against this locality such an act was committed: “The Blue House really does not want to be political. At first I always thought that was funny. I’ve often wanted to use that when I was at Occupy. For Plena and the like. But then we said in the group then, no, we do not, because politically. At the beginning I always thought that was stupid and always bitched against it. But now I understand it. So the place is just arts and leisure instead. “


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