GERMANY: Niko Neuwirth – Frankfurter Nächte, „FACING EUROPE“ and „Analog Frankfurt

We had the artist Niko Neuwirth in the studio at Radio X as a guest. A talented photographer and busy actor in the Frankfurt scene. Niko is a member of the Syndikat Artists, takes photos for the Landungsbrücken, is a studio neighbor of the Tanzhaus West, is currently rebuilding the Blaue Haus and continuously fills his creative photo series “Frankfurter Nächte“, “FACING EUROPE” and “Analog Frankfurt” with new ones works. The WILD exhibition was also in the Haus am Dom. Here is the podcast of the interview (in German), in the article you will find quotes and more information about Nikos work. In the Infothek at the end are all contact details.


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