GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Graffiti Jam – DD12 – Das Dreckige Dutzend

The jam series “Das Dreckige Dutzend” or in English “The Dirty Dozen” is a regular graffiti and hip hop event which the artist Niclas Hatwig aka AMBER brought to life in 2017. As the title suggests, initially 12 participants were planned to design a bridge wall near Frankfurt’s Westbahnhof, but meanwhile around 50 sprayers are involved in these spectacles. On one or two days once a year, large walls are designed in collaboration and the jam is accompanied by hip hop acts, breakdance and DJ music. Below are excerpts from the interview with AMBER about the origins and development of the event, as well as links to the respective sub-pages for the individual years.

From the interview with AMBER about the start of the event series: ‘Das Dreckige Dutzend’  or ‘The Dirty Dozen came about because I was looking for a surface for myself to paint on. So for legal painting. Then I spoke to the city council and told them that I have an area which is great. „How is it, would it be possible to get the wall for painting on?“ They were open for it and we went there together to inspect the wall. I was a bit embarrassed because the wall space was just way too big for me alone. I had delusions of grandeur. But then I thought about something at short notice and in the conversation immediately I asked what they would think of making a kind of event out of it. Of course at first their faces showed quite a lack of understanding and perplexity. „How and what event? We don’t understand.“ Then I went home, thought about it for a moment and put together a website. I sent them an email the same day or the next and said „Look here, everything is on the website.“ That was kind of ‘fake marketing’. After that they were very surprised. We went to the wall again and met there. That was actually the starting shot. Then I checked how many people I could get on the wall. There were about 12. That’s how many would have fit on the space. Then I thought, I still have to give the thing a name. That’s how the name came about. Das ‘Dreckige Dutzend’ or in English ‘The Dirty Dozen’.” –  Niclas Hatwig aka AMBER

AMBER: “The first event was 2017 in the Frankfurt district Bockenheim at the bottom of the Breitenbach Bridge. And every year since then we’ve made another wall. The idea was to do it every year, but with a different cast. So that you can say, last year those artist took part and next year other artists will come. So the idea was to mix it up every year. But in the meantime it has turned out that the composition of participant is actually very suitable. It’s so harmonious and people are always happy to see each other again. But of course others want to come along too. And I don’t want to leave anyone out either. So that’s a bit of a balancing act that I have to do somehow. Around 50 participants are already planned for this year. Next year it might be a thousand. No idea. That’s the problem, but I think it actually works quite well. The ulterior motive is that we take some from the old school, but also a lot of new artists. And I also want to give beginners the opportunity to paint with those who have been at it for a long time. It’s an opportunity they might not otherwise have.”  –  Niclas Hatwig aka AMBER

AMBER: “It’s also the case that I always try to bring people with different styles together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the spray can. So someone can also paint with a brush or someone can paint by hand if they want. You can combine that in any way. I would just like to have a little more in the supporting program, maybe other artists who make jewelry or T-shirts, for example. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to graffiti, but to art. We make this art, they make the other art. And maybe they don’t have many opportunities to present their art in any way or to bring it to the people because they can’t find any space or because nobody is interested to give them places. They can then set up their stand with us and show their things there and offer them for sale. That would be the plan.” –  Niclas Hatwig aka AMBER

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