GERMANY: Streetart Map – Frankfurt – HIGHWAYS & BRIDGES



In this section it´s all about streetart and graffiti below and on bridges, along the highways and on interstates. You can find as well videos we did during a drive by to catch some of the artworks which aren´t that easy to access. In and around Frankfurt you just have a huge variety of different bridges and infrastructural crossings. There are five big freeways: The A66, the A661, the A648, the A5 and the A3, as well you have heaps of expressways and federal roads. You have also a lot of bridges across waters. From the north, the river Nidda flows through the western Frankfurt, the larger Main runs through the city almost centrally from east to west and separates the northern neighborhoods in “Hibbdebach” and “Dribbdebach”, geographical names in the Frankfurt dialect. On the one side and on the other side of the river you would say in High German. There are more bridge postings in the Trains & Tracks section where the railway line is crossing the highway or in the category Golden Nuggets.

Marie Curie Bridge
Staustufe Offenbach
Deutschherrn Bridge
Mainwasenweg Bridge
Deutschherrnufer 35
Laurenburger Bridge
Schlegelhof Bridge
Flösser Bridge
Bonameser Bridge
Uhrig Underpass
A. Riese West
Kaltmühlen Underpass
A. Riese East
Eyssen Bridge
Mayfarth Bridge
Eytelwein Bridge
Eiserner Steg
A661 Mellsig Bridge
Kasernen Bridge
Ludwig Landmann
Römerhof Bridge West
Oppenheimer East
Oppenheimer West
Tiroler Bridge
Mörfelder Bridge
Kalmit Bridge
Lyoner Bridge
Niederrad Ufer Bridge
Alt Niederräder South
Westerburg Bridge
Stauffenberg Bridge
Niederrad Bridge
Mannheimer Bridge
Westbahnhof Bridge
Rosa Nidda South
Rosa Nidda North
Limes Bernadotte
Möller Bernadotte
Nidaforum Wiesenau
Nidacorso Kahn
Dillenburger 90
Römerhof Bridge East
Volta Bridge
Emser Bridge
Theodor Heuss West
Theodor Heuss South
Theodor Heuss North
A648 Nidda West
A648 Nidda Middle
A648 Nidda North
A648 Nidda South
A5 Nidda North
A5 Nidda East
A5 Nidda South
Kurt Halbritter
Neumühlenweg Wall
Kreuzerhohl Riedberg
Kreuzerhohl Tram
Kreuzerhohl Rosa
Ob. Kalbacher Bridge
Talstraße Bridge


Krautgarten Pillars
Krautgarten Wall
Teves Bridge
Mainzer Gallus Bridge
Ostring Bridge
Neumühlenweg Pillars
Ostring – A5
Bunte Brücke II
Schweizer Train Bridge
Gleisfeldpark Bridge
Heiligenstock Bridge


Ludwig Landmann
Gontard Bridge West
Gontard Bridge East
Guericke Bridge
Lorscher Bridge
Arnoldshainer Bridge
Glashüttener Bridge
A66 – Reifenberger
Eckhardt Bridge
H. Egert Bridge South
Gutleut Train North
Gutleut Train South
Gallus Bridge North
Idsteiner Bridge
Waldschul Bridge
Orange Bridge
Frankenallee Bridge
Camberger Start
Emser Europa Allee
Gallus Bridge South
Erlenbach Wall West
Erlenbach Wall East
Bornweg Bridge


B455 – Kronberg
Blues Brothers
Lokal Bridge
Ginnheimer 170
Ernst Kahn Underpass
Franz Werfel
Am Eisernen Schlag
Maybach – Eschers
Kollwitz Bridge
A661 – Züricher
Eschers Niddabridge
Preunges Park East
Flash Dance
Preunges Park West
A66 – Ginnheimer
L3004 – Ginnheimer
Nidda Bridge West
Ginnheim Valley
L3004 – Hügelstraße
Niddapark Bridge East
Plattenstraße 99
L3004 – Rebgärten
Römer – East Side
Römer – West Side
L3004 Titusstraße
Wilhelm Epstein
Maybach – Heddern
Maybach – Sports
Schwarzer Platz


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