GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Oppenheimer Bridge East

This new mural was designed by 135 children from kindergartens, primary schools, children’s parliaments and afternoon facilities from Sachsenhausen as part of the campaign “City of Children 2018” with a lot of heart, joy and dedication. It is entitled “I know my rights. And you?. ” Over a period of four months, the children from the various institutions worked creatively and mentally with the children’s rights. This year’s focus will also be on Articles 13 “Freedom of expression and information” and 17 “Access to the media: protection of children and minors. ” We ask you to confront and treat this image with due respect. Rejoice with us that there is a whole new and young generation of creative minds who dare to express themselves politically in public space with artistic means. Sincerely, Janine.


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