GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Niddatal – Pillar Paradise

In the north-west of Frankfurt one of the four big highways is entering the city straight from the west into the Miquel-Allee. It is the A66, a fast feeder from the Main-Metropolis to Wiesbaden and Mainz, which starts in or leads to the fair quarter and the university. This speedway is the transit line below these magnificent artworks have been captured. Altogether there are 61 pillars, on 36 at the west side of the trails you can find the brilliant graffiti teamwork. The ground where the bridge stands on is part of the Volkspark Nidda.

>>> From west to east, each line has four pillars, except line (M) and (N). (M) has two Y-psilon pillars and (N) one Y-psilon and two normal sized pillars. Click on the links below to get to the specific line. As well you can click on the map at the marked area. The library is growing, altogether there are meanwhile 564 photographs just in this single chapter here about the pillars.

Line (A)Line (B)Line (C)Line (D)Line (E)

Line (F)Line (G)Line (H)Line (I)Line (J)

Line (K)Line (L)Line (M)Line (N)Line (O)

Line (P)Wall East – Wall West –  Bridge Above

This beautiful recreational area was created as a copious city park along the little river Nidda. Therefore it´s called the Volkspark Niddatal. Or the Niddapark. The Nidda stream flows through the park and gives life and energy to the whole green space. The waters coming by the river provide a large variety of plants and animals in the protected area, especially insects, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. So upstairs, on the second level, there is the highway, which is going like an aqueduct cross the city and the green bubble. Second level ugly rush and rapid emissions. On the groundfloor you have a huge area of greenworld. The Niddapark. Of course it´s not a botanical garden, but it´s a cool park and the city tries to make it nice and relaxing.

In this huge green city oasis you have a lot of grass chill out parts, sport or activity lawns and everywhere in between trees and brushwood. As well there are heaps of little gimmicks included. For example the skate park, monuments, playgrounds, an open water-park and heaps of gardener societies and their thriving properties. Around the areal there are a lot more graffiti and streetart markers, check out the map. And through this lovely beautiful Volkspark goes straight the highway A66, better said it runs over it. But on an upper level above, so the park isn´t harmed. As well there are some super high and adequate plastic noise protections at some parts of the bridge which totally and completely sober up almost really every noise of the hundreds of cars which are passing by every minute. You hear nothing. Some sarcasm. But these plastic protections are as well very useful for graffiti and colorful additions to the infrastructure. Actually by start putting paint on it, these plastic pieces finally got some real usage.

The bridge stands on pillars, a whole family of palisades. To be exactly there are  61 of them. Mostly 4 in one chapter-line, at one point there are only two big epsilon pillars, another line is made with two average sized and a bigger epsilon pillar. Altogether there are 61 huge and massive concrete pillars. And 36 of them, those on the west side of the railway lines, are part of a Frankfurt multi-artist masterpiece teamwork. A nearly hidden amazing exhibition and it´s a hall of fame on pillars below the bridge. On each column you will find significant masterpieces and striking styles of a large number of well-known artists from the city.

For my documentation I thought quite a while about how to add this place here to the Streetart Map. Just one article or a few with the best ones wouldn´t show the complexity and wide range, as well so many pics would get lost and I want to document it all to have kind of a library. So I made another smaller map, just for the bridge and the pillars. The Palisades. Each line has a letter name from “A” to “P”, from west to east, from the right to the left. So there are 16 lines with mostly 4 pillars each. In one only 2, in another one 3. On 9 of these lines, with the 36 pillars, the high quality artworks are made in a project. On the other 7 lines and 25 pillars there you can find heaps of wildstyle, bombing and garbage spraying.

So here in this main article at the top, and on each sub-article about the pillars you have the individual map, there you will also find the table of contents. I put on fields for each lane. As well for the north part and south part of the plastic walls above on the bridge and the graffiti doings there. Click on the lane part and there will pop up the link to the photo gallery to that part. Here with the pics on this main-page you will get a little taste of it. Below the map is also a legend to the respective rows of columns with associated links.


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