GERMANY: Streetart Frankfurt – Niddatal – Pillar Line (12)

Here we go with the 12th line. I called it for my categorization the line (L) with the pillars [45] to [48]. The numbers go from left to right. The pillar counting starts on the West Wall of the bridge and ends at the East Wall. Have a look on the nice artworks around the poles. Graffiti Pole Dance. The project palisades are from line (A) to (I) and from pillar [1] to [36], the lines (J) to (P) with the pillars [37] to [61] on the east side are covered with wildstyle and bombings. There will be added more information about the several artworks and artists soon.

>>> PILLAR [ 45 ]

>>> PILLAR [ 46 ]

>>> PILLAR [ 47 ]

>>> PILLAR [ 48 ]

In the north-west of Frankfurt one of the four big highways is entering the city straight from the west into the Miquel-Allee. It is the A66, a fast feeder from the Main-Metropolis to Wiesbaden and Mainz, which starts in or leads to the fair quarter and the university. This speedway is the transit line below these magnificent artworks have been captured. Altogether there are 61 pillars, on 36 at the west side of the trails you can find the brilliant graffiti teamwork. The ground where the bridge stands on is part of the Volkspark Nidda.

>>> From west to east, each line has four pillars, except line (M) and (N). (M) has two Y-psilon pillars and (N) one Y-psilon and two normal sized pillars. Click on the links below to get to the specific line. As well you can click on the map at the marked area. The library is growing, altogether there are meanwhile 564 photographs just in this single chapter here about the pillars.

Line (A)Line (B)Line (C)Line (D)Line (E)

Line (F)Line (G)Line (H)Line (I)Line (J)

Line (K)Line (L)Line (M)Line (N)Line (O)

Line (P)Wall East – Wall West –  Bridge Above


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