GERMANY: Fotojörg and Graffiti Magazine MAINSTYLE

The photographer Jörg Udo Kuberek, or just “Fotojörg” for short, started documenting Frankfurt graffiti and street paintings at the end of the 1980s. In the beginning there were political slogans on facades or funny slogans on toilet walls, but soon the passionate motivational seeker came across the colorful wild style, characters and just the right graffiti. Over the years, several thousand pictures from the Main metropolis and the region have accumulated – you’d have to print it! The idea for the Mainstyle magazine was born, but initially only seven print editions in black and white were published at the beginning of the 90s. To be exactly, the first one went out on 24th of July in 1990. After a short break with various photo exhibitions on urban street art, but also on other themes such as “Abandoned Places”, Fotojörg went online with Mainstyle in 2011.


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