GERMANY: Painter and Collagist – DeePee

The artist DeePee creates wonderful provocative and critical art on cardboard. He designs collages of black and white copied fragments of pictures and prints, puts and glues them together, and in a next step he adds paint and bright colors on all of it . Those abstract planed constellations are chaotic, but as well sorted with a very clear concept. We met the artist at the ZENIT exhibition where he showed pieces from his series “Herrenrasse”. Like you can tell by the name it´s about the fascist rule. DeePee’s work also focuses on the Second World War, the post-war era and the bourgeoisie. He deals especially with “Entarteter Kunst”, which means “Degenerated Art”. And his job is to be the degenerator of the art. DeePee cuts the pieces out of the whole construct and puts them together into a new creation. It´s a contrast, though degenerated. But as well it´s a strong criticisms and a disapproved dealing with the Nazi regime era.


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