GERMANY: Streetart Map – Frankfurt – GOLDEN NUGGETS



Here you can find the best pieces and special artworks. It is still difficult to divide, to sort and categorize, we try to document, maybe some artworks or photos should be higher rated others maybe less. With time we will work on that, for first the importance is the creation of the all-around streetart map. With just everything, a documentation. And time by time a lot of good artworks are gone, painted over, house build next to it, volcaon, aliens, someting like that. So we try to make a little archive about that. There are as well heaps of really good artworks which are golden nuggets included into the other categories like in the collections in the train area section, at the artworks below the bridges and of course, the complex artworks are a whole teamwork of numerous golden nuggets. The newest addings get always put on top.

Hauptwache B-Ebene
Allerheiligen 20
Frankenallee 142
Homburg Urseler 26
Homburg Untertor 2
Berta Jourdan
Respekt & Toleranz
Walking Hands
Old Stoltze School
Eckenheimer 46
Klapperfeld West
Exzess Front
Schrott Heist
Mainzer 263
Galluswarte Stairs
Niddapark Toilet
Heddern Underpass
Mainkai Gallery West
We Love Bornheim
City Ghost House
Geschwister Scholl
Baders Fisch Deli
In de Kop – Bomber
Günthersburg Lodge
Frankfurter Berg Pillar
Bornheim Rotes Kreuz
Berger Mancini
Erlenbach – SGE
Hessen – Bomber
Römerstadt – Amber
Mainkai Gallery East
Woogstraße 48
Dog Club Praunheim
Rosa Luxemburg
Fletcher´s Burger
Rote Eule


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