GERMANY: Streetart Berlin – Marzahn – Allee der Kosmonauten 145 – Flower Tower – CITE CRÉATION

The Flower Tower

The “Flower Tower” was already initially built in 1979, but the beautiful murals on the walls have been added years later as part of the renovation of the building. The huge artwork got inaugurated on 14th November 2012 which gave the skyscraper its new name.


The high-rise apartment building is located in the middle of Marzahn at the intersection of Poelchaustraße and Allee der Kosmonauten, a busy junction. Because of this prominent location, the enormous height of the building and the solitary architecture, it is the focus of many people every day.

The housing cooperative “Friedenshort” – in English “Peace Crèche” – combines the energetic renovation of the building shell with an ambitious artistic design. The artists of CITE CRÉATION worked out the basic idea for this together with the residents of the house. It is inspired by the green living environment and the nearby gardens of the world.

As well the facade sections on the ground floor of the building show landscape motifs from different vegetation zones from around the globe. The artists provided the monolithic structure of the building with a “glass tower” that allows a view of the treetops and the sky. They designed and finished those colorful murals in just four month. Further information on these landscape forms can be found on the website of the cooperative.

Heath Landscapes

Typical well-known heath landscapes such as the Lüneburg Heath or the Schorfheide were originally forest areas. Through pasture and field farming, they have seriously changed their characteristics. Intensive use deprived the soil of nutrients and prevented trees from growing. Predominantly undemanding specialists such as heather and juniper thrive on the nutrient-poor, acidic soil.

South China Garden

The climate in southern China is influenced by the extratropical monsoon circulation, which ensures warm, humid summers and fairly mild winters. The landscape is characterized by subtropical wet forest, also known as laurel forest, with evergreen, lush and species-rich flora. In China alone, 500 bamboo species are native. The lotus is considered a particularly symbolic plant, it stands as a symbol of purity, loyalty, creativity and enlightenment.

Mediterranean Landscape

The Mediterranean climate is characterized by dry, hot summers and rainy, mild winters. The characteristic plant is the olive tree, which is why one speaks of the olive tree border when delimiting the Mediterranean area. Evergreen sclerophyllous plants and coniferous trees thrive in the hot, summery subtropical climate. The more intensive human use, the lower and lighter the vegetation becomes: bushes and herbs such as mint, thyme, sage, lavender and rosemary are typical.

Central American Desert

Surviving in arid desert areas forces plants and animals to make very specific adaptations. Rain showers are rare, but when it rains, it’s usually very heavy. Then the desert blossoms: colorful desert plants grow, but they have a short life cycle. The typical Central American desert vegetation is characterized by agave, cacti, mesquite, yucca and various grasses.

Amazon Rainforest

Half of the world’s remaining tropical rainforest is located in the Amazon Basin in South America. The rainfall in the rainforest is five times higher than in Central Europe. Daylight duration is almost constant. Viewed over the entire year, the maximum daily temperatures only vary from 24 °C to 30 °C. Although the tropical rainforests only cover 7% of the earth’s surface, according to various estimates, between 40% and more than 70% of all animal and plant species living on earth are found there.










  Building Project:  FLOWER TOWER


Photographer: HOLGER PETER

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